10 Diseases That Kill You in 24 Hours

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    • avatar gate crasher 1

      Eat plenty of raw chillis

      • avatar A 1

        All ways use soap and water, sanitize services and use bug spray. Some flesh eating diseases can be stopped by washing of hands and proper food handling.

        • avatar LovesTheGash 1

          I'm definitely catching one of these

          • avatar Nina the mousy cat loves sans 1

            I have pneumonia…

            • avatar Shadow god of doom Legend killer with a red blade 2


              • avatar FAZ3R 1

                This is why I hate suffering from hypochondria

                • avatar armond Armstrong roblox 1

                  Omg ill pray

                  • avatar I.M. POOL 1

                    Hey you forgot rabies

                    • avatar sans pro 1

                      THIS IS FUCKING GROSES!!!!!!!

                      • avatar Emma's LittlePirate alice 1

                        yes,people with rare diseases and unable to be cured look so special ,,but they were suffering and have to live with it in the rest of their of life ,,,i think india is a special country , lots of babies were bron with rarest disease which we have never seen….which means when their mom was carrying their children something happened to the moms that caused the babies become special….the water they drank and the .air they breathed the environment they lived in all had connection to the dieseases ,so just stay away form India for u own safety

                        • avatar Tant markipler evil Novianti 1

                          A hope I don't get these virus ;(

                          • avatar tom erik Rasmussen 1

                            bacteria is king and Queen of anything.

                            • avatar REKT TURTLE 1

                              Where the fuck did I end up in YouTube world?

                              • avatar Jem12345gamer//GamerMINECRAFT 2

                                Bruh dengue fever I already heard that one I'm going in Philipines and it was on the way TV dengue is kinda scary but dengue fever is even scarier

                                • avatar princess 2017-2018 1

                                  I have cancer😢

                                  • avatar Sahil Masram 1

                                    why i watched this man god kill me before giving these horrible disease

                                    • avatar Janela Pedrajeta 1

                                      I've got dengue fever twice and survive tnx God