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    • avatar Random Assassin 2

      I know what I plan on creating

      • avatar Brannan Miller 1

        Take it down I'm sick of looking at it

        • avatar Anzhe Huang 1

          This is why I have addiction to mosquito repellent

          • avatar Mia The Werewolf 1

            I was bit by 18 fleas O_O i'm aliveeee

            • avatar Crazylegoman61 2

              I looked up whether there was a cure for ebola or a vaccine, and there's actually both! Yay!

              • avatar N H 2

                paul gaylord lmfao

                • avatar Howto Click 1



                  • avatar Howto Click 1

                    XD Mading rlly -_-

                    • avatar Top Talk 1

                      Bruh,my sister is a dengue fever survivor,she got it by going in to dark corners in a restaurant,she only got it in stage 1.

                      • avatar slipsizemo 1

                        You scare the FUCK OUT OF US THEN throw in a pip boy before the shock can fully settle….