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    • avatar Elizabeth Peacock 2

      Anyone who has had Physical Therapy will immediately appreciate
      thorough explanations and FUN non pressure exercises they present to their viewers! I have worked as a SLP on a Rehab Team, and never worked with PTs, but never met a PT like these two great men!

      • avatar Mandy Mine 0

        Can you ride a bike (mountain back on a flat neighborhood street) with lower back pain? I wear a support belt while I do it. Sometimes I can tell it's A little sore the next morning, sometimes it's ok.

        • avatar JOHN Smith 1

          Love watching you guys,thankyou for taking the time to make this information available.

          • avatar Jessika Laya 1

            Thanks for your videos! Really nice tips. I just have a question, I suffer from lower back pain and there are tons of yoga exercises for back pain. What do you think about those exercises? Are they safe to practice at home?

            • avatar Jazzie Red 0

              I wish I had one of those tables. It would help so much not to have to get on the floor.

              • avatar Amber Simon 1

                You guys are awesome! I'm 25 and have just found out I have hypermobility syndrome after years of seeing biomechanical podiatrists and Chiros. Five years ago I tore my acl, had a reconstruction but every since then I keep getting pain in all different joints randomly. A physio recently told me I have hypermobility syndrome and that's why I have pain in my knees which are misaligned, my back and shoulders. I also have an extra vertebrae if that means anything? I'm looking for some strengthening hypermobility exercises for my back, knees and shoulders so I don't have to pay a fortune just for the physio to give me two exercises. Thanks :)

                • avatar Monica Call 1

                  Where have you men been all of my adult life? I've been to more than my share of bad PTs who gave me low back exercises that exacerbated my problem areas rather than helped them over time. Watching your videos has been a real education for me. Please keep up the good work! Question: what kind of cushion do you recommend for someone with spondylethesis, spinal stenosis, stage 4 OA of the vertebrae and facet joints in the lumbar spine, and no disc left to speak of between L5 and S1 and minimal discage between the other lumbar vertebrae. Sitting is torture for me! I've tried various cushions with holes cut out where the coccyx is supposed to rest but haven't found anything that really makes sitting less painful. Any suggestions?

                  • avatar Sophia Shakti 1

                    You are making most of movement in L5/S1 in press ups. Terrible. I developed interval ankylosis L5S1 and spondylolisthesis L4/L5. Back pain never went away.

                    • avatar Mollyjak4 1

                      I really really appreciate you guys and all ur work – I've been watching a lot of your videos and I think that I am a spondy person. One of the things that you'd recommend not doing is standing up putting your hands behind your back above your hips, and arching backwards in a stretch…but this kind of feels good because that area is so tight on me. Should I absolutely not do this if I am a spondy person? Thanks!

                      • avatar Dennis Sullivan 1

                        You guys are very informative, thank you! I'm 54, fit and lift weights 3X per week. I have a lower grade spondylolisthesis (about 20 years now, managed quite well with stretching, core strength, etc). I'd like to incorporate dead lifts, is that recommended? I do front & back squats but concerned dead lifts may be too much on the lower back and exacerbate my spondylo. Thanks in advance!

                        • avatar susan brandt 0

                          I love your videos, guys! Thanks so much!

                          • avatar Devonna Del Grosso 1

                            According to my CT scan I have severe stenosis my Doctor is insisting I see a surgeon my lower back is numb and I have to sit often when I walk. Can these exercises do anything for me

                            • avatar TIM 1

                              how do I know when I have a strain , sprain or something more serious like a herniated disc.

                              • avatar Sangeeta Tarachandani 1

                                Hi I have inflammation n strong pain at my back I have herniated disc in l4..5plz tell me how to cure

                                • avatar Sangeeta Tarachandani 1

                                  Hi I have inflammation n strong pain at my back I have herniated disc in l4..5plz tell me how to cure