1. TOP10 Football TOP10 Football

    when hited in nuts u feel the pain of a mma fighter punching your kidneys x10 it goes from nuts up to neck :((

  2. Killer_Greag Killer_Greag

    So a chick knows what a guy goes through? Kay

  3. Jarrett Lawrenson Jarrett Lawrenson

    Lasts longer than a few minutes. Sure.

  4. SwiFT_ManTiz SwiFT_ManTiz

    10 things only a guy will understand,
    By a girl 😂

  5. Tiger Babbie Tiger Babbie

    I'm sorry but is it only me that sees that a girl is explaining guy problems, that's like asking a random guy ''Hey, how does it feel to give birth?'', they don't know the real deal only explanations from other people.

  6. JonnyOpinionated JonnyOpinionated

    Getting rejected both publicly and privately.

  7. Daniel Maylett Daniel Maylett

    no, it lasts for weeks. and there is the chance that the hormones don't come back and then… you aint a man (literally)

  8. Jacob Cornejo Jacob Cornejo

    I relate to the comments more

  9. Adrian D Adrian D

    Yea, that machismo thing is the most fucking ridiculous man-made concept. The more I see someone desperately trying to conform to all this fighting-instead-of-using-words sad BS, not wanting to appear or look gay, not feeling allowed to cry, etc, the more pity and less respect I have for them. I'd say a very high percentage of our world is made up of social-constructs, and they're all pretty obvious to me. Just fucking be yourself and stop giving a shit what anyone thinks. I do it every day… not difficult.

  10. Wyvern Wolfe Wyvern Wolfe

    If this was Buzzfeed, this video wouldn't exist but rather a sexist video of either why women are great or men suck and deserve gelding….

  11. McSlayerplayz McSlayerplayz

    Is funny that a girl is saying this

  12. Sagi Rozzo Sagi Rozzo


  13. vinny chaturwedi vinny chaturwedi

    last one
    very painful no body can understand better than me its realy blows up my mind
    peeping ! boys has not to worry about it I always find standing 5 meter away from the next guy

  14. The Nutcracker Plays The Nutcracker Plays

    thanx for understanding

  15. Toto Geenen Toto Geenen

    getting a bonner… just… it's always annoying except sometimes when, you know…

  16. Sebastian Von Kebab Sebastian Von Kebab

    For a few minutes she says… More like half an hour

  17. June Pratt June Pratt

    peeing with an erection, that's a guy struggle.

  18. Jordan Scott Jordan Scott

    Guys don't have to deal with periods, bras and boobs, and baby's born out of there vagina, but when there penis gets hit good luck with that

  19. Sammy Locklear the Leviathan Sammy Locklear the Leviathan

    title of video "men struggles guys will understand" me: this is a woman talking about a complete video she won't know jack shit about and she sounds so fine through out the video that sounds like BULLSHIT to me. Oh yeah I know the reason why she's to fucking broke to afford a male actor


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