134 of 365

134 of 365
Headaches Migraines
This is me flipping off my doctor, who didn't call in my prescriptions this afternoon.

She's my new neurologist, who I'm seeing for my chronic headaches. I'm mostly very impressed with her, and think she's brilliant. On the other hand, trying to get my prescription sorted out has been a nightmare.

She has a new theory, that the headaches are *not* migraines, but are instead "hemicrania continua" -- which is fancy doctor Latin for "one-sided continual head pain". These get treated with different medicine than migraines, which would explain why my migraine medicine isn't terribly effective. They're also less severe than migraine, which explains why I'm able to function, even though my head hurts all the damn time.

I think this is a clever hypothesis, and look forward to seeing if she's right. But now I have to wait until Monday to find out. Arrrgh.

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