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    • avatar Smol.Cinnbon Maya 1

      My grandma has the second disease on the list. She got surgery and it doesn't affect her anymore but the thought of her having to go through that is just awful

      • avatar Lotus Bayleef 1

        Good thing I haven't left my house in weeks.

        • avatar River Finn 1

          I mean… maybe learn how to pronounce a few of the names of the diseases before you post videos about the. Just a thought.

          • avatar Wayne Wedderburn 1

            psalm 23;1-150;27;1-150;91;1-150

            • avatar Wayne Wedderburn 1

              psalm 34:56;78

              • avatar FineApple 1

                my grandmother has treeman synderome

                • avatar BAEsically Gaming 2

                  Why the FUCK do I still watch this SHIT?

                  • avatar HaveFaith33458 1

                    My TN came w/ electric shocks to 1-2 upper L teeth while looking up to get laundry detergent off a shelf. I attempted to see if it would happen again when looking up after it came back & ⚡️ ZAP! I thought I needed a root canal. I watched YT vids on root canals for mental relief. I could've pulled out my own teeth. Dentist said teeth fine & mis-dx of course. It gradually went away & restarted 3 mos. later now 4 teeth. I dx myself off YT. Screw off DR'S!!! I've had 3 sinus surgeries prior & maybe caused it? I have had mild TN toothache sensation, but have been ok, other than sinus migraines, which could be TN related.

                    • avatar Reddie 1

                      Imagine trying to jack off with tree man syndrome.

                      • avatar David Weiss 1

                        Did anyone think of Evil Dead in regards to the uncontrollable hand syndrome?

                        • avatar Shane Hagler 0

                          Oops I got nightmares