1. Smol.Cinnbon Maya Smol.Cinnbon Maya

    My grandma has the second disease on the list. She got surgery and it doesn't affect her anymore but the thought of her having to go through that is just awful

  2. Lotus Bayleef Lotus Bayleef

    Good thing I haven't left my house in weeks.

  3. River Finn River Finn

    I mean… maybe learn how to pronounce a few of the names of the diseases before you post videos about the. Just a thought.

  4. Wayne Wedderburn Wayne Wedderburn

    psalm 23;1-150;27;1-150;91;1-150

  5. Wayne Wedderburn Wayne Wedderburn

    psalm 34:56;78

  6. FineApple FineApple

    my grandmother has treeman synderome

  7. BAEsically Gaming BAEsically Gaming

    Why the FUCK do I still watch this SHIT?

  8. HaveFaith33458 HaveFaith33458

    My TN came w/ electric shocks to 1-2 upper L teeth while looking up to get laundry detergent off a shelf. I attempted to see if it would happen again when looking up after it came back & ⚡️ ZAP! I thought I needed a root canal. I watched YT vids on root canals for mental relief. I could've pulled out my own teeth. Dentist said teeth fine & mis-dx of course. It gradually went away & restarted 3 mos. later now 4 teeth. I dx myself off YT. Screw off DR'S!!! I've had 3 sinus surgeries prior & maybe caused it? I have had mild TN toothache sensation, but have been ok, other than sinus migraines, which could be TN related.

  9. Reddie Reddie

    Imagine trying to jack off with tree man syndrome.

  10. David Weiss David Weiss

    Did anyone think of Evil Dead in regards to the uncontrollable hand syndrome?

  11. Shane Hagler Shane Hagler

    Oops I got nightmares


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