2-Day Directing the Camera Workshop August 26-27

2-Day Directing the Camera Workshop August 26-27
Event on 2017-08-26 11:00:00
ON THE INSTRUCTOR “He sees his story through a camera with precision and great conviction.” –ANG LEE, 3-time Oscar winning director (Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger) This 2-Day comprehensive workshop explores visual storytelling with dynamic camera movement and skillful actor blocking. Through extensive, daily hands-on exercises, participants will learn to visualize the scene, work with actors, strategize with storyboards, and evoke the essence of the script: DRAMA! Participants will learn how to visualize, choose optimum camera positions, camera movement, and lens choices in relations with actor blocking. Through this process, participants will understand how to convey tone, mood, and style, as well as give the film a distinct look that belongs to the director's unique vision. WHEN: August 26-27 (Sat & Sun) 11am - 3pmWHO: Narrative/Documentary FilmmakersFEE: 0 Includes Studio and Equipment LIMITED SEATING. Join us! Unleash Your Creativity! Registration: http://www.solarnyc.com/workshops/ Solar Film/Video Productions632 Broadway, Ste. 304New York, NY 10012212•473•3040 W212•473•3091 Fsolarvideofilm@gmail.comhttp://www.solarnyc.com/workshops/

at Solar Film/Video Productions
632 Broadway, Suite 304
New York, United States



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