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    • avatar BaxCan XD 1

      Pedophobia XD

      • avatar Fox Craftz 1

        I have so many phobias I have about 20 is that normal or should I see someone

        • avatar India Fox 1

          Ichtiyophobia (fear of fish)

          • avatar Liv Adamson 1

            fear of marriage, failure, growing up, and child birth

            • avatar lazy lil person 1

              I think I have lachanophobia….

              • avatar We are Port Adelaide 2

                Thalasiphobia-fear of the ocean or what's in the ocean

                • avatar Raimon Eleven 1

                  Afraid of everything creepy(ghosts, Saw, Jeff the killer, Scream mask person, Slender man etc….

                  • avatar DogsPizzaPanda 789 1

                    Panophobia fear of everything

                    • avatar Sapphire Swirl 0

                      Is the last one a thing

                      • avatar Hiba Thabir 1

                        I have a fear of dogs.
                        Fight me.

                        • avatar casby 76 1

                          whats the phobia of veins or heart beats?

                          • avatar Totally Randomic 1

                            The only I have is Trypophobia

                            • avatar Skull Trash 1

                              Gamophobia is a big one for me XD