(3D binaural sound) Asmr covering your ears [hearing test]



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    • avatar madsci1210 2

      I loooooove this. Crisp sound! Super tingly

      • avatar Lish Hark 1

        why the clock that gives me anxiety

        • avatar Yui Metal 1

          it tickles me haha

          • avatar louiewashere3 0

            1:05 was as much as I wanted to listen and got creeped out, someone else can tell me how it ended LOL

            • avatar Antoinette Lavosiere 1

              how can 39 people not love i 😍😍😍

              • avatar Tc 1

                I have to be honest,

                The head is creepy…

                • avatar all about challenges 1

                  this is extremely uncomfortable! i love it tho

                  • avatar κοlεя κοмβμςнα 0

                    sounds like someone giving a blowjob to their mic…

                    • avatar Adriana CrazyWolf 1

                      I absolutely hated this. Nothing bad with the video, the sound quality was very good, it is just me.

                      • avatar Bia rio 1


                        • avatar Wilfredo Zalavarria 1

                          make more cool sound like this with much more sound quality and more hard pitch for total relaxation love it love it

                          • avatar Wilfredo Zalavarria 1

                            love it dam really relaxes me and the sound quality is really good