5 Important Features of Massage Chairs

We present the 5 top features you should consider when buying a massage chair. These features help you really tailor the massage chairs to your needs. There are so many choices when it comes to massage chairs. You want to sort the wheat from the chaff. If you are seriously considering a massage chair, then think about these most important features and how they might help you.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy: Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage which uses pressure points, tapping and kneading to provide a very invigorating massage. The premier massage chair brands integrate a body scan to detect your pressure points. The massage is then tailored to each individual. The shiatsu uses a combination of massage techniques, so the programming by the manufacturer is very important.

Air Massage System: The lower body massage is more effectively covered with an air massage system. An air massage system uses airbags to perform squeezing and holding movements. Air bags can be designed in any shape and size. They are used for the feet, calves, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and hands. Since they are very flexible, they can be used throughout the massage chair recliner. Air systems use a compressor and a manifold to regulate the air flow to the various airbags. For effective relief for the body extremities an air massage system is the way to go.

Manual Massage Programs: Manual massage technique programs are the individual motions that the back rollers can perform. Massage chairs have between 3 and 5 manual programs. You can specify the massage technique and the chair performs just that massage technique. The most important manual programs are kneading, tapping and rolling. Shiatsu is usually a combination of kneading and tapping and may be labeled as its own manual technique. A nice manual technique is Sway or Hawaiian massage. This is a gentle side to side motion which is great for loosening tight back muscles.

Hip Air Bags: Many of the best massage chairs have integrated hip air bags into the recliner. The hip air bags inflate to provide an air compression massage to the hips. These air bags wrap around the sides providing soothing relief. The hip air bags are built into the seat unit and are sequenced in the software program of the automatic massages. Usually, the user can select the air bags individually, allowing one to just focus on the hips.

Music - Massage Synchronization: The top massage chair manufacturers have incorporated a music and massage synchronization function. This is a fascinating technology. With the touch of a button, the massage will synchronize its movements to the rhythm of the music. The intensity of the massage also varies with the tempo. Rock music will produce a more invigorating massage then say classical music. It is an interesting technology and when coupled with the right music can be very effective in reducing stress.

We are presenting the five key features that are available from the best massage chairs on the market today. These features represent some interesting innovation on the part of the massage chair manufacturers. These chairs continue to advance rapidly and the choices are getting wider and the features more effective. Make sure you determine the important results you want for your longer term massage therapy needs. Find the right chair just for your needs.

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