5 Serious Blurred Vision Symptoms in Women

There are very many instances when we have some sort of blurred vision when nothing seems to be in sharp focus. This most frequently happens when we get up in the morning, while reading the newspaper, watching television or using the internet – and most occurrences pass over in a short period of time and really mean nothing with regard to our general health. In fact, these short term instances of blurred vision are most often caused by us not focusing quickly enough. For instance, on opening our eyes when we wake up, we usually give them a quick rub to remove anything which may have lodged in them while we were asleep. This simple rub could disturb your normal eyesight for just a few seconds, which is just long enough for you to experience blurred vision.

Fortunately, our eyes adjust very quickly and the blurring goes away almost instantly. In general, the blurring of our vision which we experience when reading, watching TV and working on our computers is most often caused by our eyes having to focus on one object or area for a period of time. If one simply gets up and looks at something else a bit further away for a short time, the blurring goes away. Physical tiredness and specifically tiredness of the eyes, or eye strain, is another harmless cause of blurred vision.

It is important to rule out the minor causes of blurred vision which are not indicators of something more sinister relating to our general health, such as aging, lenses in your spectacles which are no longer perfect for your vision (which changes over time), short sightedness and long sightedness.

There are, however, certain instances when such blurred vision may persist for some time and may indicate that something is amiss with your general health. It is therefore important for you to know what the symptoms are of serious health issues which are manifested by changes in your vision, specifically blurring.

A lack of sharpness of vision could be an indication of an infection or inflammation somewhere in your body; it could be the result of a traumatic incident, like a car accident or a fall; or even be something as serious as certain forms of cancer.

Blurring which is sudden and does not resolve itself within a few seconds; or blurring which builds up over time, especially if the blurring is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, severe headache and/or a stiff neck, could be an indication of any of the following 5 extremely serious conditions:

* A serious eye injury such as a detached retina
* A brain tumor
* Stroke
* Glaucoma
* Encephalitis

These are extremely serious occurrences which may lead to blindness, so it is imperative that you consult a doctor or go to a hospital emergency room immediately, where an ophthalmic surgeon will be able to assess the cause and prescribe the best form of treatment which, if put into practice in time, will save your eyesight.

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