1. mandisencool mandisencool

    Awesome video, Ian. Thank you for posting this. I have thought some of these things myself but would not let myself believe it actually worked, but being in a better place now, looking back – I can definetly see it. Thanks

  2. Pico Pico

    As someone who has suffered from depression for a very long time, I appreciate the advice in this video. Being physically active and music has helped me more than any pill could. Cheers Ian.

  3. villezii villezii

    A very common misconception is that depression is caused by low levels of serotonin when in fact its completely the opposite, high dopamine is what you should want to obtain because when dopamine levels are high serotonin is low and vice versa!!!

  4. Hivodo 010 Hivodo 010

    I didn't think about going to a video on YouTube, but it's still not working. I've been dealing with depression for a couple months, and nothing's working. I've been dealing with drug use, and suicide attempts. I'm going nowhere.

  5. pbhenry3 pbhenry3

    Thankyou coach!

  6. Bob Owns Bob Owns

    Thanks for sharing Ian. Obviously it would be difficult to implement everything at once, so baby steps I suppose.

  7. Epic Radio Epic Radio


  8. Anthony Hammock Anthony Hammock

    Number five literally made me tear up.
    Thank you so much for sharing this, Ian.

  9. Niels de Kok Niels de Kok

    These tips are golden. If you can't implement multiple habits at once just start with one. I am focussing now on getting out of bed early and do one little task. This alone is having a great impact on my well being.

  10. Chris Torres Chris Torres

    I just eat ass after that no more depression


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