1. Top Most Rare Top Most Rare

    What photos were the most shocking?
    Unbelievable Models:

  2. TheFeelena TheFeelena

    Wow! Great plastic surgery transformation ! And I have read that too that Korea is one of the best when it comes to plastic surgeries that you'll think the results are photo shopped . I noticed they have perfected removing& reshaping long large chins & make chinky eyes rounder & bigger .. Aaammmaazziinnnnggg ! But how much do they charge ?

  3. Ame Kim Ame Kim

    Beware of Koreans looks they are all duplicate one… 😂 😂 😂 😂

  4. Anovy Star Anovy Star

    whyyyyyyy they are all so beautiful

  5. Greek Pasta Salad Greek Pasta Salad

    The first photo image of the girl before and after: She was beautiful BEFORE and now after? She looks OK, but she was a stunner BEFORE!

  6. Tainowarrior00707 Tainowarrior00707

    4:32 How the fuckkkkkk he snuck in here lol.

  7. Iris Guitguit Iris Guitguit

    too different from the natural .even if how they look beautiful or handsome.. theyre siblings is the ugliest toooo

  8. noel lopez noel lopez

    tang inang yan . hirap mamili ng mapapangasawa dyan .. mukang kabayo kalalabasan ng anak nyo . hahahha

  9. Edgar Zemite Edgar Zemite

    Plastic surgery using Photoshop for a dating site. Want to date an Asian girl,be ready to get surprised beyond any imaginable level.

  10. Cynthia Yang Cynthia Yang

    Is anybody else confused at 2:34? Or is it just me…

  11. Manaf Benayache Manaf Benayache

    these surgeries at least will stop people from bullying the others !!

  12. MKUltra3 MKUltra3

    Some of the girls look streamlined I guess ("better"), but there is a doll-like sameness that is disturbing.
    They're turning many of the young guys into TwinkFace™. Not good. Did they remove the testicles too?
    I am critical. But I'm a very pro-quirk, pro-individuality person!

  13. alex m.e.s. alex m.e.s.

    Came on, with a gci i can do better than this, don't be fool, it's all FAKE

  14. icke11234 icke11234

    This goes to prove once again that loads of people in so-called underdeveloped countries have tons too much money to burn. I prefer a real face any day.


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