51 Year Old Japanese Woman Who Looks 20 Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets! Japanese Beauty Secrets


  1. Sorina Balan Sorina Balan

    It is ridiculous how many women are obsessed to look young and have a nice and girlish body and face! Do they want to sell something or do they want to sell themselves? Looking old can be beneficial also. The life experience can be read on your face. Also, traveling by bus, somebody might offer you the seat.

  2. 70scarresstoguy 70scarresstoguy

    I wonder if her mother & grandmother appeared much younger too & whether she has a cute daughter. If so, it's likely that genetics is as great a contributing factor as her environment, diet & lifestyle.

  3. haley bissett haley bissett

    The real question I have does this work for white people lol! Everyone knows we whites are screwed in the aging category for real

  4. Tahir Ahmed Tahir Ahmed

    very nice and very information and if we follow these rules really our life will improve in all aspects but i liked her most to watch comedies and we all time watch horror movies and listen to our politiicans……….thankx a lot

  5. jungefrau jungefrau

    i used to live in Irvine, CA, and there are many Japanese families who live there temporarily while the husband works at local Japanese-owned corporations, and let me tell you, it is not a special thing that older Japanese ladies look so young and adorable. I met so many ladies who were in their mid-50s who looked like they had just gotten out of college. It made me feel like crap to be around them because i was always the -5 in a room full of 10s.

  6. kauigirl808 kauigirl808

    Asian. That is why. I am 42. I look 23 lol

  7. S Pol S Pol

    Keyco is an imposter. Women after 50 always have got the sad lines along mouth everywhere in the world. This Kezco ladz is the daughter. Biologz does not lie in comparison to the media. I am a biologician and working on the formulas for the zouthful bodz. lawglobiolo"

  8. Vijayan Wzorek Vijayan Wzorek

    i would like to talk with you

  9. Sally Lemon Sally Lemon

    she doesnt look 20 though, just anything between 36-45. and thats pretty normal for people with genetics of looking about decade younger than age.

  10. shamobbrkr shamobbrkr

    The secret is plastic surgery but they just don't want to admit it

  11. Jen Y Jen Y

    She looks like 30+ There are Japanese old looking and some young looking. If you can afford treatments you can always look young for anyone Ask the Late Joan Rivers.

  12. Saro M Saro M

    she looks 10 yrs younger


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