6 Ways How To Win Your Wife Back For Good

You work long hours and she doesn't feel you are there for her anymore. She spends all her time running after the children and you feel she does not have time for your needs. Do you know how to win your wife back before the inevitable happens? Here a few steps you can take.

1 - Is the marriage worth saving?

Before you decide what to do, you first need to honest with yourself and decide whether the marriage is worth salvaging. Most marriages can be salvaged with some effort, but both of you need to agree to try make it work. If one of you feels like there is no hope, there is little you can do to win your wife back and salvage the marriage.

2 - Commitment:

Most couples remain in the marriage for the kids' sake or because it is convenient. But this is not the right way to go. Not only does it hurt both of you, but the kids grow up in a tense, unloving environment. Learning how to win your wife back starts with both of you willing to commit to improve the marriage.

3 - What are the biggest problems?

Next, you need to accept and work on the main causes for the break down in your marriage. Many couples fall into the trap of looking at the symptoms, instead of the underlying causes.

Let's take an affair as an example: Many of us would argue that the affair is the reason for the breakdown of the marriage. But it is actually the result of a much deeper problem - in this case a lack of intimacy - where we one partner decides to seek it out elsewhere.

When you can identify the core issues, then you will know how to win your wife back.

4 - Effective Communication:

After you have identified and accepted what problems exist in the marriage, you need to sit down with your wife and talk about them. Let her know how you feel, but try to understand how she feels.

When your wife talks about things that hurt you, just remember that she is not doing it to hurt you, but because she wants to fix the marriage.

5 - Draw up an action plan:

Once all the problems have been discussed, both of you need to create an action plan to solve them. Then, you each need to take real steps on your action plan. For example, if you do not spend much time together anymore, plan a night out every week without the kids. And take turns coming up with creative, romantic ways to spend more time together.

If not communicating is the problem, commit to spending 20 minutes before going to bed just talking to one another. And, then do it.

6 - This is an ongoing process:

Finally, you should realize that saving a relationship is an ongoing process. You are going to take two steps forward only to take one step back. There is going to be both laughter and tears going forward. Be quick to apologize and slow to blame. do you want to know how to win your wife back and save the relationship? Yes? Great! Then take this advice to heart.

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