1. Yevonne Jones Yevonne Jones

    *A good hypothyroid diet doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It just has to naturally support your body’s needs so that it can produce and utilize its thyroid hormone effectively and efficiently*. Learn more here-> https://plus.google.com/109849515216441135952/posts/Z5tTgFix6w7

  2. Rey Meh Rey Meh

    I have all these sympthomes and for years they are torturing me. I went to my doctor 3 times to throw some test but tests didn't show anything. Does any one knows what is going on??

  3. Jannette Cruz Jannette Cruz

    I'm reading all the comments and I'm a little disturb that a primary doctor does not refer patients to an Endocrinologist for more testing. That's who you should be seeing if you have thyroid issues a specialist.

  4. erzuh erzuh

    I have all these symptoms but when I went to the doctor i tested negative. Im frustrated because i've been trying to lose weight and i've been fairly strict about it and i've seen no results.

  5. Fast Nos Fast Nos

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  6. MewwDiePie MewwDiePie

    soooo everyone?

  7. xox Annie xox Annie

    Suffer from all of symptoms
    And I was diagnosed by a doctor
    Also you may wake up constantly during the night

  8. Veni Vidi Amavi Veni Vidi Amavi

    very helpful. I think I do have Hypo, esp because I can't gain muscle mass even with my workout regimen or weight training and working out 4 times a week. Fatigue and hair loss is very true too, and changes in menses.

  9. Dilly Games Dilly Games

    This didn't help at all

  10. Regina Peterson Regina Peterson

    Can you still have hypothyroidism and not gain weight? I have all the hypo symptoms except I'm skinny.

  11. Nixon Daniel Nixon Daniel

    dear sir I'm suffering from excessive hair loss and weight gain. what I wanna do

  12. Regina Peterson Regina Peterson

    All fine and dandy, but try convincing a doctor you have it. All they do is that blood test which is known to be wrong; if they don't test extensively, you may never be diagnosed, even if you have it.

  13. Roxanne Roxanne

    hello! Is it possible for me to have thyroid problems at the age of 19? my mom has thyroid problems and I have some of these symptoms. Lately I have a rather puffy face even though i gained like only 3 kg. I'm 161 cm and 53 kgs. Also, I feel very apathetic, I have mood swings, irritability, dry hair, the feeling of a lump in my throat which I can't seem to escape from. Also I feel fatigue even though I sleep enough. Is it neccesary for me to go to the doctor?

  14. Christine Oliveira Christine Oliveira

    thats true i have hypothyroid and no thyroid it died even with meds and blood work and doctor visits the new doctor i seen that told me my thyroid was dead the other doctors new noticed that and that i also have hashimotos ( auto amune disease ) attacked my thyroid also becuz of the surgery to remove it took over 8 hours damaged my para thyroid behind the thyroid real bad that produces calcium for ur body very painful muscles bones joints everything hurts like u were run over by a train and calcium pills havent brought the levels up much i take alot of calcium pills each day and now they also have me taking a calcium insulin shot everyday and blood work every week and the calcium is still very low its so depressing and i gained so much weight when they took out the thyroid and since then i cant loose any weight and have muscle spasms all the time and the calcium pills r strong and u have to take them with food and i also have ibs and take alot of pills for that the only thing this doctor said that i dont have is constipation i have the opposite even taking pills to co
    ntrol it and then people wonder why im so depressed anyone in my shoes wouls be too its so hard some days worse than others

  15. Ayesha Talal Ayesha Talal

    all the time I feel fatigue.all I want is sleep.I'm extremely depressed.too much hair fall and dandruff.mood swings
    I don't know which type of thyroid I have.I have too much weight.I couldn't lose weight after doing lots of diet.

  16. kota3214 kota3214

    I have so many of these symptoms! I should get it checked out. I've been losing hair like crazy, high blood pressure (but also at times extremely low) and unexplainable joint pains etc.

  17. Super Genes Super Genes

    I am interested in knowing functional medicine's stance on thyroid conditions and treatment.

  18. Alterego Linos Alterego Linos

    I have all these happening with me!!

  19. Tracy M Tracy M

    Hi, 10 weeks ago my doctor diagnosed me with an under active thyroid and prescribed Levothyroxine 50 microgrames once a day, will have to have a blood test every two months to see if I need to increase the medication in the future or not! Also boarder line anaemia and iron tablets. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007 had surgery for this also, polyps removed time of diagnoses. Following year more polyps removed and now have small fibroids which have been left. I also have had fibromyalgia and insomnia for several years! At 52 STILL having regular heavy painful bleeding and flooding. (I had to come off contraceptive pill because of my age and things got worse). I've tried marina coil, progesterone only pill etc under NHS gynaecologist who's not keen for me to have an hysterectomy. In desperation recently seen new gynaecologist PRIVATELY for second opinion AND will be having a total hysterectomy on 4 April. After recovery hoping to live a normal life!!! Comments appreciated…

  20. David Hughes David Hughes

    For me it was a puffy face and "mental fog" but my face was the big clue I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Being male in my 40s I'm not the typical person affected it's usually middle-aged women. Ask your doctor to take blood and test it then you will know for sure it's better to deal with it now since it will not get better on its own the thyroid is an organ that has failed just like a pancreas can fail you need medication to make you well again no special diets or herbs can fix it you need synthroid.


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