1. Kimdino1 Kimdino1

    Or get a comfortable couch to lie back on. You may not be able to reach the computer but that does not matter, as the guy said 'it is a workSTATION.
    Buses stop at a bus station, trains stop at a train station – so what is expected at a workstation. The word 'station' comes from 'stationary' i.e. it means stop. So, in calling it a workstation, they must mean that they expect work to stop while you are there.

  2. Alice Plautz Alice Plautz

    thanks gaylord

  3. LM dnjchen LM dnjchen

    "Let's take a look at her situation here".

  4. Rob ICWUSA-Marketing Rob ICWUSA-Marketing

    Great video!

  5. Horacio Perez Horacio Perez

    Thanks for doing this, it helps alot.

  6. paultheuglydog paultheuglydog

    Do you ever slouch? I slouch all of the time. Dad said that slouching is hurting my back. I told him that I slouch so much that good posture hurts my back worse. LOL

  7. Dane Rossenrode Dane Rossenrode

    It bothers me when tips aren't explained.. For instance, when he says "so that you're looking at the top of the monitor, not the center", I'd like to know why?! If I'm looking at the center of the monitor most of the time, isn't that the spot I should be adjusting the hight according to?

  8. Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic

    Looking for some tips on how to work more comfortably at your office desk, such as the best way to position your computer monitors? Here are 9 tips for a healthy workstation environment:

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