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    • avatar 20th Century Fox 1

      Accept the diagnosis. Take the Cure. Watch the new trailer for A Cure For Wellness, in theaters 2.17.17.

      • avatar yanina t 1

        Parece buena, pero es malisima!!!

        • avatar Antking1117 1

          shutter island 2?

          • avatar Arwa shaban 1

            I thought this was gonna be boring but it was the opposite of boring!! Very good movie!!

            • avatar Ali Koksal 1

              I watched this movie last night on Putlocker I thought it was half decent as well.

              • avatar dinoatcharterdotnet 1

                I didn't get this movie at all. But my biggest question is when Jason Isaacs is revealed to be eel-man or whatever why does he have a scar across his face that ends up being right where his daughter impales him with the shovel? Are we supposed to believe he's been impaled with a shovel in the same place before?

                • avatar 1989clh 1

                  This movie was good for about 90% of its run time that last 10 ruined it highly disappointed and no it was not highly intellectual and hard to grasp it just had no direction towards the end

                  • avatar Luis Meloni 1

                    Please tell me this is not another shutter island!!!!!

                    • avatar savannah m 1

                      One of my favorite movies. Phenomenal.

                      • avatar WeirdButCool 1

                        It works perfectly with the song "Cold Cold Cold" from Cage The Elephant

                        • avatar francesca caputo 1

                          Dane DeHaan 😩😍

                          • avatar Sawa3ek Fekr 1

                            I watched this movie yesterday and yeah you can say it's based on shutter island story not scenario with a big difference the acceptable end, but yeah as @Felanarendra said shutter island is on another level, that mean it will make yr mind blown every time you watch it .