A day in the life of a heroin addict


A day in the life of a heroin addict

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  1. BDK Gioo BDK Gioo

    Xanax and kolonipin gang

  2. vwa 98 vwa 98

    dope addicts are losers and I have no sympathy for them

  3. Dragon RA Dragon RA

    Cu lika sta sve koristis kad krenu nabrajati pa u americi gram kokaina je 140$ nije ni njemu lose xD

  4. Matt Dathew Matt Dathew

    one died

  5. MrPhukYu MrPhukYu

    The pain I feel's unreal, it's like time is standing still
    One minute I'll be burning up, the next I got the chills
    I'm begging GOD to help me, LORD please make it stop
    My whole body aches I hate it, and my stomach is in knots
    I'm about to go insane, my brain's starting to rot
    And I don't know what to do, maybe suicide by cop?
    But I'm too strong for that, and far too smart to do it
    It might be hard but that's my life, and I have to just go through it

  6. AngelusSpkGrrl AngelusSpkGrrl

    "While their three year old"… there are programs paying people to get sterilized and I wish more people would use it.

  7. Andrea Jimenez Andrea Jimenez

    It's always hard for me to watch stuff like this bc this used to be me. It started as something "fun" but turned into to survival. Everyday was a race against time to keep from getting sick. I've been clean 15 years now and I can't believe I ever turned myself into a monster.

  8. feisty feline feisty feline

    Rest in piece Jason

  9. Kevin Soria Kevin Soria

    What kind of pills does he snorts?

  10. D Wilczynski D Wilczynski

    Scott Pelly's a fkn idiot.

  11. Your comment is irrelivant Your comment is irrelivant

    My best friend's mom od on heroin when she was 11 and so did her dad. Her dad was in the same bed as her she was 8 🙁

  12. happycrickets happycrickets

    unfortunately, unless you are rich it is almost impossible to get your child help.

  13. gozinto87 gozinto87

    Please, whoever is not addicted and read this: please don´t start with drugs.

  14. Noah Turley Noah Turley

    Yo didn't even attempt to say weed

  15. Gwendolyn Taylor Gwendolyn Taylor

    Wow…what a way to live.


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