A Gut Feeling – The Workshop

A Gut Feeling – The Workshop
Event on 2017-10-15 10:30:00
The topic of Gut Health is quickly becoming the health industry's favourite buzz word!Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Does it matter that much? Does it apply to you?Come along and find out! We'll be discussing why it’s truly remarkable to our health, how easily it can become damaged and what you can do to correct any gut imbalances you may have. You’ll be able to try some gut friendly food and will walk away with a solid understanding of how the gut functions along with our top tips to heal any underlying issues you may have. The workshop will also include a 45 minute movement session that will help improve your spinal health, mobility and strength. If you work at a desk this is a must do! We will give you simple mobilisers, stretches and exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime! Who we are: Jade Spears is a Personal Trainer and Health Coach who is passionate about great food, personal development, movement and helping people achieve their goals. She has over 4 years experience working in the gym helping people transform their bodies, their mindset and their lives. She believes that quality nutrition and movement is the key to wellness and spends her nights and weekends hiking, practicing yoga, as well as studying and up-skilling herself so that she can better serve others.Jess Curl is a Strength Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and director of the soon to be open gym, The Better Health Project. She is lucky enough to spend her days correcting people’s movement patterns to avoid injury, reading functional lab testing to prevent disease as well as providing nutritional guidance to find what works best for the individual in achieving overall optimal health and wellbeing. Jess believes everyone deserves to feel amazing so combining her passions of health, wellness and helping people she gets to do this every single day! She believes in exploring the underlying causes of your health issues and concerns to find the root cause behind complaints. Her aim is to inspire you to want to be the best version of yourself inside and out, motivate you when making changes feels really tough and times get hard, educate you on why our health and wellness is so important and how we get to feeling our best, support you on this long but well-worth journey as it is a marathon not a sprint and lastly, guide you step by step with proven based methods that are broken down to a bio-individual level that specifically suits you and no one else! If you have any questions, please email info@jadeemilyfitness.comCheck us out on instagram: @jadeemilyfitness@coachcurl

at EMKC Courtyard, Level 1
140 Bourke St
Melbourne, Australia

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