A Little Liberty From Living With Disability

Living with a disability however minor can cause problems, little things can often become huge hurdles and frustration starts to set in. However there are many places out there which offer either the sale or rental of disability equipment which can often improve the quality of life.

Disability isn’t necessarily an affliction you are born with, many people are disabled due to accident and injury or illness, and others become less able due to growing older. Whatever the cause it doesn’t make the situation any easier.

Disability equipment is designed specifically to help, it doesn’t matter how large or small a job there will be a disability aid to match, disability equipment is also there to help carers, so you don’t have to be disabled in order to use it.

Caring for someone with a disability can be very difficult, there are some conditions which mean that a person is unable to help themselves at all, completely relying on a carer to do just that. This is where bigger equipment is often required for getting people in or out of bed or just as importantly on or off the toilet. Care workers have to use some disability equipment to lift or move a person with ease but without hurting themselves. (Carers, including family members who look after elderly or disabled patients should be advised to enrol on safety courses to learn how to use machinery or equipment especially when lifting).

Having been a carer myself for a few years, I began to realise just how important it is for most people to retain some level of independence especially if they had become disabled due to accident. This is where I believe Disability equipment is a god send. I mainly cared for the elderly in their own homes; I had the evening rota which meant for many of the clients on my round, I would be the one to put them to bed. Nearly all of these people had at least one example of disability equipment in their homes, from side rails on beds to hand rails in the bath, simple things that you or I would take for granted, for these people a necessity.

One of my ladies had a wet room in her house, this was fantastic for her and made such a difference to her life, for years she had not been able to get in and out of the bath, which also restricted her from having a shower too as this was fitted over the bath, finally she had her bathroom altered, which gave her some level of independence back. The wet room itself had a range of disability equipment within, a shower stool so she needn’t stand for a long period of time whilst showering, hand rails on the walls and anti-slip pads on the floor to ensure she didn’t slip whilst wet, she also had a raised toilet seat which made it just that little bit easier to spend a penny! It certainly made her a happier person allowing her to keep her dignity.

Another of my ladies severely needed a hoist above her bed, not so much for her benefit as much as ours, for months we had to perch her on the side of the bed, lift her legs and swing her round with a slip mat in order to get her into bed, she wasn’t a small lady and I was always worried that we would either hurt her or she would hurt us if we got it wrong! Finally she had a hoist installed which meant it only took one of us to get her to bed with no strain to anyone.

If you have a disability it’s a worthwhile exercise to find places which supply or rent out disability equipment, I have found that the internet provides a wealth of not only shops which stock disability equipment, mobility equipment and daily living aids, but many sources which offer help and advice about the kind of equipment required, what help you can get and much more useful information.

If you are disabled and have the means to invest in some of these disability aids, do it! Don’t look at it as being defeated more as a way of getting more out of life, after all life is for living so why struggle if you don’t have too?

Anna Stenning has taken an in depth look at disability equipment finding out just how a simple gadget or piece of equipment can actually alter your life.

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