Achieving Physical Performance Integrating Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

There have been notable great athletes in bodybuilding, powerlifting, competitive sports, and so on. Can we say there is a correlation with our mind, body, and spirit that will help an athlete achieve or exceed beyond expectations?How does an athlete achieve the highest form of perfection recognized from its peers, fans, and respective experts in that field?

By uplifting your own levels of human consciousness will increase your calibration levels. For example, a person with a calibration level of 50 is considered to be in apathy, calibration level of 100 is fear, calibration level of 200 is courage, and calibration level of 500 is love, etc. An individual that has reached a calibration level of 700-1000 is someone who has touched many people or made an impact and considered the great ones in history. This individual that has made a powerful inspiration has reached a calibration level of 1000 would be Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna and Lord Jesus Christ. A person that has a calibration level of 200 isn’t considered twice the level of someone who is 100. It is actually a major difference and considered 10 to the power of 200 versus 10 to the power of 100 which is an enormous difference in power.

Being at a higher calibration level a person will see their surroundings more clearly than others. For example, a slow motion effect is often depicted for these great athletes. Hockey icons Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux were able to see things at a slow rate playing in a game while the competition pace was performed at a fast rate within seconds. Extraordinary swimmer such as U.S Olympic Michael Phelps most likely experiences things in slow motion, time seems to stop and there is complete peace and silence for that individual even though there may be thousands of fans cheering their lungs out for these athletes. Powerlifters will often visualize before performing a movement imagining how they will handle an overloaded lift and completing it successfully. Three months away from competition, some bodybuilders will envision what areas of their body needs to be worked on or targeted specifically in those areas. They will then foresee themselves on certain stages of their competition phase before presenting themselves on the big show. Another scenario of high state of consciousness is usually experienced by athletes such as marathon runners. They may block out pain, exhaustion, in order to achieve a higher level of performance. We usually refer this as pushing oneself to their limit or going above and beyond. In return that individual breaks through the point and the activity becomes seamless or effortless. Your physical body moves forward with grace and with simple ease as your mind, body, and spirit becomes a whole. As some of us are aware there is a lot of mental training and dedication to be in this zone as some will call it. It is possible for a person to achieve this level but getting there is the roadblock as it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and involvement to integrate your mind, body, and spirit.

When integrating these 3 main elements in your life you will be able to achieve anything you want by connecting to your higher self. Simply including some form of meditation will enhance your awareness in all perspectives. Take some time out during the day and leave a few minutes aside by starting off with 10-15 minutes a day for some meditation exercises so you become more in tune with your higher self, body, mind, and spirit as a whole. As you begin to implement this into your regular lifestyle along with your training you will notice that you’ll become more aware of your surroundings, physical body, internal body, intuition, decisions will become clearer for you, and stress will be less, etc. All of this will carry positively into your life of performance training, physical activities, sports, etc. As you progress you may want to add another 10-15 minutes since it feels relaxing simply connecting to your higher source. Being a Qi Gong instructor it has allowed me to incorporate my training regimen to specific clients, athletes, or the regular individual who is now aware that training the internal portion of your body such as Qi Gong is just as important with training the external (physical body) part of our body such as weights, jogging, etc. Even Oprah and Dr.Oz in a 2-part series back in 2007 stated that practicing Qi Gong into your daily life will improve your health, help a person live past 90 years old, look and feel younger, reverse aging, help with health issues, and so on. The reason Qi Gong can potentially work with many people is that it involves light subtle movements, meditation, and deep breathing which are implemented into the class I teach called the Overall Health Qi Gong form. The form begins with a sitting position to relax your whole body and then carries over with deep breathing. Afterwards, I instruct how to build Qi (energy) by simply including horizontal hand movements sitting in the chair and eventually standing up with various movements involving your hands and legs to also lubricate your joints. The movements are so subtle and relaxing that you will feel like you came back from a vacation! This revitalizes your whole body and some will feel recharged simply performing 10-20 minutes with this exercise. For starters, try this relaxing and meditative routine that is a good warm up before beginning a Qi Gong routine. Try sitting out 1/3 of your chair but if you aren’t able due to back issues you can fully sit to the back of your chair. Have your feet at shoulder width apart and parallel to one another. Place your hands on your legs near your knees with your palms facing up. Relax your arms, shoulders, and hands. Sit with your back straight. Your head is at chin level and chin is slightly in. You will now close your mouth and breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your nose. Make sure your tongue is also sitting at the top of your palate. The reason is that it is similar to a circuit board and you need continuous flow or circulation going throughout your whole body and back to the original point. Now, just close your eyes and relax your whole body for a few minutes. Don’t think of anything you need to get done during the day or future projects, the argument you had with someone, and just be in the moment. After a few minutes of breathing in and out with your nose slowly, you will now begin to focus each particular part of your body. For example, you’ll begin with the head and you can say this aloud to your self whispering “breathe in” and as you breathe out you will say the word Soong which means relax in Chinese. This word Soong gives a soothing resonating or vibrational feeling from your head all the way down to your toes. Try to deliberately say the word Soong a little bit longer if you can. Review below on the areas of your body you will relax in the proper sequence I’ve addressed.

1. Relax your head => say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

2. Relax your neck => say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

3. Relax your shoulders => say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

4. Relax your chest=> say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

5. Relax your abdomen=>say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

6. Relax your whole back=> say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

7. Relax your arms, hands, and fingers=> say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

8. Relax your legs, feet, and toes=> say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

9. Relax your whole body (perform this 3 times)=> say to yourself “breathe in” as you are breathing in, and as you are breathing out you will say the word Soong.

Try to really visualize on each particular body part as you go throughout your whole body with this exercise. Some people may feel a tingling sensation throughout their hands and fingers, some individuals will get extremely hot because blood circulation is activated with the deep and gradual slow breathing which is very beneficial for everyone. Perform some form of meditation into your routine whether that is in the morning or even after a vigorous workout. Not only will it help relax you but it can also increase your performance in whatever activity you decide whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, hardcore fitness fanatic, etc. Of course, there are other great forms of modalities so find what really works for you and enjoy yourself!

Richard Chan is a F.L.E.X. Coach promoting harmonization with the mind, body,and soul. He has written publications online, freelance writer, and author. He is a host on Voice America for the 7th Wave Channel. It commences on January 25, 2010 on Mondays at 7pm EST. Visit

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