Acrylic Collaboration: Create with Fellow Artists

Acrylic Collaboration: Create with Fellow Artists
Event on 2017-07-22 10:00:00
ACRYLIC COLLABORATION: Create with Fellow Artists   with Jennifer Laurel Keller Saturday, July 22nd from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 Do you feel like deep down you know that there's creative energy within you that wants to emerge through simply moving paint around on a canvas?  Yet, despite this deep desire to create, let go, and tap into your intuition, you're still hesitant to make the time for yourself to relax through painting?    I can definitely identify with that.  Through the Acrylic Collaboration process you will learn to trust your intuition, and let go and layer with other students in order to create beautiful, collective paintings.  Anyone can do it, you just have to be willing.   Here's the deal.  This is a wonderful way to let go and just paint – as a group – so that you experience both the freedom of your personal expression and support of the collective talent of like-minded, artistic peers. This process can be challenging for one individual because you feel an attachment to what you already painted.  Through layering paint with other artists, you will experience the holistic talent of the collective group as a process to be celebrated.  It will detach you from the outcome and allow you to enjoy the ride!  In this class, you will… Collaboratively paint “in-the-round” with other artists (including Jennifer) as you share many canvases, pulling from diverse skills and perspectives. Layer basic, easy to paint elements in compositions that will impress your viewers. Identify the psychological difference between your ego's fear-based voice and your true inner wisdom Let go of the outcome and play with new painting techniques. Let go of the worry of painting “right” or “wrong”.  There's no such thing. Learn more about Golden Fluid Acrylics through brushwork, dripping, stamping, and even finger painting.   Learn how to avoid muddy color mixing. Take home take home your very own collaborative painting. The investment for this course, which includes: Painting demos Creative sketch journaling Guided meditation Color lessons Technique lessons The use of professional grade, highly pigmented Golden Fluid Acrylics And one-on-one creative coaching is… Only 5, discounted from 5 (most materials included) Get the materials list: Space is limited!  Register today!

at University Art
2610 Marconi Avenue
Sacramento, United States

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