ADHD Children and Exercise – How to Control Hyperactivity Disorder in ADHD Children

ADHD children and exercise are a good combination. It is common knowledge and scientifically proven that exercise is good for everybody’s health. However, some parents are afraid of engaging their children with ADHD, as psychological disorder also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in physical activities. Perhaps, there is a misconception that exercise may trigger hyperactivity. In fact, that is the complete opposite effect of exercise on the disorder among children.

First, exercise when done regularly helps your child gain a sense of structure. This is especially true if exercise is scheduled and involves simple repetitive movements. Helping your child reclaim a sense of structure reduces his disorganized and chaotic perception of his surroundings.

Also, exercise is proven to release endorphins or what is commonly known as the happy hormone. Endorphins are responsible for sending messages to the brain that cause increase in pleasure and heightens the happy mood. Truly, your child needs as much boost of happiness as he can possibly get considering the depressing effects of attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Moreover, children with the disorder and exercise is a perfect formula to counter the negative tendencies brought about by the disorder. Aerobic exercise is shown to increase levels of certain neurotransmitters that are responsible for emotional stability, concentration, calmness and mental alertness. This is all the more reason to engage your child in regular exercises because a decrease in neurotransmitters can cause stress and ADHD-like symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, sleep problems and mood swings among others. Since exercise increases the production of neurotransmitters, exercise will in fact help reduce the patient’s negative reaction to stressors and lower the tendency to overreaction, impulsivity and irritability.

Further, studies show that there is positive correlation between exercise and brain growth and development. This is good news for the ADHD child whose learning and personal growth is hampered by the debilitating effects of ADHD. All of these show that ADHD children and exercise is a perfect combination in the mission to remedy behavioral disorders.

Thus, if you are the parent of a child with ADHD, include exercise in your armaments against ADHD. It is highly recommended that you device a daily 30 minute schedule for your child to engage in physical activities and aerobic exercises regularly and to stick by it. Ensure that you accompany your child in these activities because they are highly motivated if accompanied by an adult. Moreover, it is a great idea to include the rest of your family in the routines to increase your child’s sense of fun and to make these activities less of a chore. Start this now. Remember, ADHD children and exercise is a good formula against ADHD.

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