Adult Male Hammerjawed Jumper (Zygoballus rufipes)

Adult Male Hammerjawed Jumper (Zygoballus rufipes)
Back Pain
While walking back home, I decided to stop by a nearby field to check for bugs. Almost as soon as I approached the field, I spotted a huge adult female Phidippus audax clutching a particularly large yellow soldier beetle. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I quickly headed towards home to get it.

About half way there, I noticed a little dark spot on a concrete column about 20 feet away. I walked over, hoping it would be a jumping spider, and sure enough it was! I instantly new it was not a species I am familiar with, and that it was male (enormous front arms, slender abdomen, weird palps, and the enormous protruding chelicerae). I coaxed him on to my left hand and continued my trip home with him perched on the end of my finger.

He proved a real pain to photograph, as he would run towards anything in front of him (the lens). Eventually (58 photos later) he settled down and allowed me to photograph him.

Really a beautiful spider, the size of those fangs are surely the largest I have seen for a spider this small (4mm).

Taken at ~4.5:1 magnification with the 28mm reversed on some extension tubes and cropped a bit.

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