1. Saphire Brann Nicol Saphire Brann Nicol

    I love the ball workout i enjoy it and burn calories at same time

  2. Adriana Quijano Adriana Quijano

    hola buenas noches q tipo d pelota utilizas para el ejercicio

  3. Saphire Brann Nicol Saphire Brann Nicol

    I loved the ball workout I'm different making it part of my routine thank you making the workouts fun and I always feel good at same time

  4. Clare Mathias Clare Mathias

    just found this workout, i loved it 😁😘

  5. Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson

    I have done this several times, it's my go to Favorite!

  6. Allyson Schaan Allyson Schaan

    Just did this one for the first time with a 5 lbs weight (I've done it previously with a ball) BOY! what a wonderful challenge! I haven't felt this great (and my abs haven't felt this awesomely sore) in a while! I've been working out for many years so I felt safe doing it with a weight, I recommend anyone looking to up the challenge of this work out try it with a slightly weighted object. Thanks Jessica for making all your workouts friendly for the wide variety of users you have!

  7. Tara Geiger Tara Geiger

    That moment when you realize that you can hang with an intermediate workout 💪

  8. TarheelFIT1 TarheelFIT1

    Such a fun, solid workout! Thanks, Jessica!

  9. Erin Rubesh Erin Rubesh

    Wow– such a fun workout!! I felt like I was at basketball camp! Loved it!! I did this as part of your Fall Challenge – great workout! And Peanut is the best!!!

  10. Deby Boodoo Deby Boodoo

    oh wow..what a challenge

  11. Pokegojirex 5000 Pokegojirex 5000

    What a sweaty workout. I completed. I did not give up. Your workouts on Youtube are awesome to follow.

  12. Melissa Jo Melissa Jo

    Thanks Jessica #Fall challenge day 8 yeah!!!

  13. Nomad Family2012 Nomad Family2012

    wow….that was really tough. Good job! Thanks for your positive and happy disposition. It does make it easier for me to keep going and not quit when my body is screaming at me.

  14. Martisip6163 Martisip6163

    Worked me! Thanks, Jessica and Peanuts

  15. Kay Tee Kay Tee

    #fallchallenge I have been doing the digital downloads so haven't checked in, but decided to do this one for more intensity than Have a Ball! So sweaty and I really feel my abs!

  16. Maricela Munguia Maricela Munguia

    #fallchallenge day 8 completed! Thanks for the workout and sweat! xo

  17. Lara Sparks Lara Sparks

    Completed Day 8 of the #FallChallenge! It was a little hard, as my back is hurting a bit from something I did over the weekend. Starting to get better, and moving does help. But I took it a little easier on some of the twisting moves than I usually do on this workout. But still tough, and dripping with sweat by the end! Thanks Jessica, I needed to move!


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