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    • avatar Jepersprepur 1

      Wait if he was elegiac to everything
      Then how can he touch his ball

      • avatar Cohaggs 1

        Same tho

        • avatar K C 2

          Amazon death bubble

          • avatar I'm THAT guy... 2

            Went all Home Improvement at the end…

            • avatar Lena Oxton 2

              All these puns people are making and no serious statement
              that fly thicc

              • avatar JasperTheSpirit Andrew Walker-Fire Arrow 1

                Oh my

                • avatar YourInnerWolfe 1

                  Has anyone noticed the theme from Home Improvement at the end? Just curious if I'm the only one

                  • avatar Final Froggit Approaches 1

                    Dang, those Cheesey Pretzel Ham Nibblers were to die for.

                    • avatar Andie 76 0

                      Turn on subtitles at 0:46

                      • avatar RyshuPicchu 1

                        oooh…. very silly faces. sill silly face. i love it, yet i sarcastically hate it, or is it my love that's sarcastic? It's hard to tell.

                        • avatar Joya Lewis 1


                          • avatar Funky Giblets 2

                            saw that coming from a mile away.

                            • avatar Imbobuboo Rosee 1

                              0:56 HAHAHAHAA its the middle of the night. I sleep on the same floor as my parents and my lil bro. Thanks for that.

                              • avatar SuperHappyCake 2

                                Wtf I'm laughing so hard

                                • avatar George Alex 1

                                  Home Improvement sound at the end? arooo?

                                  • avatar BioHazerd 2

                                    WAS THAT THE TIM ALLEN SOUND?

                                    • avatar No Bass 1

                                      I guess the joke didn't fly.

                                      • avatar Ticket 0

                                        literally the most unfunny video i have ever seen rip

                                        • avatar Unicorn power 1

                                          Holy shit I haven't been here for 11 minutes nths they have grown

                                          • avatar reem asraf 1

                                            the translation called that "gets infected by AIDS" like u can get aids from a fly and the sad part is that they hire translators