1. Jennifer Chiu Jennifer Chiu

    Which skincare routine do you like better? 💆🏻
    Hit that "SHARE" 👉 button if you know someone who might need this!

  2. Ell Hansel Ell Hansel

    i use both ways 🤔 i do double cleansings and skip essence and nowadays, koreans are into clay mask too due to its popularity in produce 101 season 2

  3. Dance4life Dance4life

    Korean women seem to have very beautiful and clear glowing skin, so I'll probably start trying their's, they also have a different diet than us which plays a huge role in skin care, and I'm sure they use more natural ingredients, thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Kim Yoon Lee Kim Yoon Lee

    Korean skin care cause American skin care are sometimes alcohol based and my face is sensitive

  5. Rebecca Gonzalez Rebecca Gonzalez

    Korean for sure

  6. BTS - ARMY for life BTS - ARMY for life

    Korean 💗

  7. Reema Rcan Reema Rcan

    Im using the korean way and it amazing

  8. Rania Ali Rania Ali

    Korean girls: I have dark circles
    me looking like a panda BISH WHERE? 😂😂

  9. Rania Ali Rania Ali

    In my opinion nothing tops k-beauty products well besides prescribed products. Buts that's just my opinion🙆🏼

  10. Jimin 4life Jimin 4life

    Id put sheet masks in my routine if only one mask didnt cost 5fuking dollars. And im not up for spending 10 dollars a day every day for it. Its 300 dollars yall.

  11. minsxo_army minsxo_army

    You kind of look like Jennie Kim from the kpop group called blackpink

  12. Suga Babe Suga Babe

    essence is the heart of korean skin care

  13. Anindita Mondal Anindita Mondal

    Koreans also use face serums but you dint use a serum😞

  14. Saba Khan Saba Khan

    Ur videos are awesome and most helpful 👌

  15. Zina LIANG Zina LIANG

    you look much younger without make-up

  16. Aabii Malick Aabii Malick

    Hey! I'm too skinny. I don't look my exact age 23 rather I look like 14 which surely irks me. Plz help with tips to increase weight and to not to look ugly and skinny. Thank you

  17. Autumn Matthew Autumn Matthew

    I love your videos!

  18. joanna Garcia joanna Garcia

    I like the Korean side skincare since I have sensitive skin. What eye creams do you use morning and night?

  19. Ann De Leon Ann De Leon

    Im into korean ones especially at night. But during daytime , i prefer less routine because I live in a tropical country and my face is on the oily side.
    Nice video btw, but would've been better if you used korean products on the korean side.

  20. Zharinne Ramento Zharinne Ramento

    Korean skin care for me


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