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    • avatar Katzun 1

      Should've said this in the video, but I actually do have anxiety (I was diagnosed by a therapist a few years ago). Honestly, what helps me especially is just acting like I'm confident and masking my insecurities by humor (maybe that's not exactly healthy but whatever). So yeah, just thought y'all should know. I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH

      • avatar All_that_jazz 1

        Ok now I know that I'm mentally ill:'(

        • avatar Minecraft Assassin 1

          I can some what relate to this

          • avatar Darling Rodriguez 1

            aww you so nice

            • avatar Hope Wolf 1

              Thank you for understanding anxiety

              • avatar Phantomella 1

                I have a disorder and I don't just have it as an emotion

                • avatar Madelyn Volpe 1

                  Haiii I'm here for pie

                  • avatar Bonnie da bunny 1

                    I have 3 videos out and like 12 subs

                    • avatar Vicente Rivera 1

                      If I were to meet you i would ask you to be my friend

                      • avatar Nightcore-frisk 174 1

                        If the teacher stares at me I will start losing my breath

                        • avatar Carlos Echezur 1

                          OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS POSTED ON ME BIRTHDAY WOWIE!!!

                          • avatar !HolyCow 1

                            same feeling every time im in public lol. the only time i feel ok is when i talk to peoplr over the internet or in games voice chats

                            • avatar Hijoshikina 1

                              Problems in my life : ADD, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Anxiety, My morbid mind, and yeah that's it, I just wanted to put that out there.

                              • avatar LpsAqua Skittles 1

                                I normally get anxious during school when I have late work

                                • avatar Jessica Shed 1

                                  you are me but I want to be a wolf so please driay a wolf :) -_- plllleeeeeeeaaasssssseeeee

                                  • avatar Wolfe lover 1

                                    I'm like you hm😄😁

                                    • avatar WonderusWithFriendsAndFamily 1

                                      I want to see all the attention seekers thay lie about the anxiety disorder…

                                      Jk but seriously it's none of our business what's going on in your life…I learned that the hard way…

                                      • avatar Sky the gamer inky girl 1

                                        👌 cool vid