Anxiety Workshop for Parents of Elementary School-Aged Children

Anxiety Workshop for Parents of Elementary School-Aged Children
Event on 2017-10-04 18:00:00
Communities That Care Whistler is pleased to announce that on Oct. 3, 4, 5,   Dr. Martinez, Pediatric Psychologist working with Anxiety BC, will travel to Whistler to speak to students and parents about anxiety. Dr. Katherine Martinez is a registered psychologist in British Columbia with over 20 years of experience in clinical work, research, and training. Dr. Martinez is currently on staff at the Vancouver CBT Centre and she specializes in cognitive-behavioral assessment and treatment of anxiety, mood, and childhood disorders in children and adolescents. In addition to direct clinical care, Dr. Martinez also conducts workshops and in-service trainings on CBT for child and adolescent disorders and has co-authored the book, Your anxious mind: A teen’s guide to anxiety and panic (Magination Press, 2009). Dr. Martinez will speak at three parent sessions, each focussing on a different age group and their unique challenges: Oct. 3rd – Pre-school aged children Oct. 4th – Elementary aged children Oct. 5th – Secondary school aged children. The parent sessions will be held at Whistler Secondary. The Whistler Real Estate Association has supported the parent sessions and Whistler Health Care Foundation has supported the student sessions. Background material about CTC can be found at: CTC Whistler’s mission:“Use honest and courageous dialogue based on data, to make our community strongerfor our families and children.” Any queries may be directed to CTC Whistler Chair, Cathy Jewett (

at Whistler Secondary School
8000 Alpine Way
Whistler, Canada

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