Arachnoidal villi

Arachnoidal villi
Heart Disease
Caption from the slide: Arachnoidal Villi 28/1957

Creator: Bailey, Percival, 1892-1973
Date: 1957

Description: As found with the documentation: Arachnoidal Villi - 28/57 This 72 yr. old female, on admission to Dixon State School in 1936, presented the following findings on physical examination: protruding abdomen, flat chest slightly deflected to the left, angles of the mouth slightly depressed, poor hygiene of the mouth, long uvula, distant rales and diminshed breathing in upper left lung posteriorly, occasional musical (?) rales in the bases of the right and left lungs posteriorly, heart enlarged to the left outside the nipple line with murmur at the apex and sounds at base accentuated, increased knee jerks, pulse 80, BP 148/90, gait slow but normal, and coordination tests performed poorly. Laboratory findings revealed: ???, negative; blood tests and vaginal smear essentially negative. Mental examination revealed: CA 53; MA 4-5; IQ 29, Imbecile. Clinical Diagnosis: (1) Mental deficiency, ?differentiated. (2) Chronic heart and lung disease. Cause of Death: Direct: Acute pulmonary edema. Contributing: Chronic and subacute ???itis. The patient expired on May 4, 1957.

Collection: Percival Bailey Brain Specimens Collection (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: University of Illinois at Chicago. Department of Neurosurgery
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Credit Line: James Stone, MD, UIC Department of Neurosurgery (Curation); Tibor Valyi-Nagy, MD, PhD, UIC Department of Pathology (Classification); Zsofia Valyi-Nagy, UIC Department of Neurosurgery (Photographs)
Identifier: DSC_1037

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