ASD and Family Relationships – The Curly Hair Project in Bath

ASD and Family Relationships – The Curly Hair Project in Bath
Event on 2017-09-13 18:30:00
Content: A child’s autism affects every member of the family in different ways. In this workshop we give insight and strategies on topics including: parental expectations of the autistic child/young person worrying about siblings coping with meltdowns You will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Audience: parents of teenagers and young children with ASD families Although we discuss young people and children, the workshops were not created for children. We don't want them to be bored during the workshop so if you do bring them please also bring their colouring books, iPads etc. and feel free to get up and go as much as you/they wish. This workshop is relevant to both males and females. Feedback: “Very positive focus and holistic advice on all aspects from the AS and NT perspective. Detailed focus on the effects of autism on the NT sibling.” “The whole session was relevant to the real family experience of living with Autism and offered insightful help and advice.” “The slides are a very simple and informative way to illustrate/support the talks.” “I liked the practical strategies offered for involving the AS family member in family life via prompting and household chores.” If numbers for this workshop are low, we will have no choice but to cancel it. Please check your email inbox and spam one or two days before the workshop is due to run as we will send you an email if it has been cancelled. No refunds unless the workshop is cancelled. About the curly hair project The curly hair project is a UK social enterprise dedicated to supporting women and girls with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their loved ones. Founder Alis Rowe created the organisation in 2013 after struggling to find good quality, uplifting information about ASD for herself. Alis Rowe is an acclaimed author and award winning young entrepreneur. Her work has been endorsed by leading professionals including Professor Tony Attwood. For information about the curly hair project, please visit

at New Oriel Hall
Brookleaze Buildings
Bath, United Kingdom

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