1. 9Years AGooner 9Years AGooner

    brought on by anxiety; ok I'll be brave. Stress; alright I'll be shrewd. Laughter, oh… wonderful.

  2. mounias stuff mounias stuff

    ive had asthma all my life and its so hard to live with.simple things like running,walking,sitting,jumping,laughing,swimming,sleeping and breathing are so hard for me beacuse my asthma is getting worse everyday.i just hope there is a cure.once when I was four I suddenly stopped breathing I had to be rushed to hospital and I had an emergency operation . thankfully it worked.people who dont have asthma are so lucky.today I was walking with my sister and I got a painful stitch on my left hip.ive had it all my life so I dont know what it's like to live a normal life.if you dont have it consider yourself lucky and make the most of your life.youll need it

  3. Eden Subba Eden Subba

    so my asthma can't be cured

  4. Joan & Elizabeth Joan & Elizabeth

    Like tons of people watching this video, I have asthma as well. And omg, I'm a 13 year old marathon runner and my asthmas gottenworse over the years. I kept having asthma attacks every time practise was on. I was basically forced to quit and now asthma legit has ruined most my goals of being a runner 🙁


    Yes it's a pain in the backside that you can do without.

  6. MultiMusik4 MultiMusik4

    my respect!

  7. ponyo ponyo

    damn, now I know why I got hard time breathing all of a sudden! I didn't know laughing can trigger asthma. I'm weak at cold, smoke, pollen basically I got all 🙁

  8. Trafalgar Law Trafalgar Law

    I have some questions reagrading asthma pathophysiolgy:
    1) how aspirin and indomethacin cause asthma
    2) why FLC, FRV and FRC are increades in asthma?

  9. Joanna Lawson Joanna Lawson

    Last couple of weeks I've been having a hard time breathing normally, I don't really know why and the doctors don't see it. What can I do about it? I'm panicking

  10. Envoid Envoid

    Balloons are Evil


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