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    I have some questions reagrading asthma pathophysiolgy:
    1) how aspirin and indomethacin cause asthma
    2) why FLC, FRV and FRC are increades in asthma?

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    7:30 not Lymphocyte but Thymic stromal lymphopoietin .

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    amazing video as per usual 🙂 but at at 7.28 mins isn't he meant to write Thymic stromal Lymphopoietin rather than Thymic stromal lymphocytes?

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    ok story .. one man and his wife anxiously entered the clinic in the vicinity of one famous young doctor. They were carrying a child who was coughing seriously severe. He was gasping for breath and with each breath there was characteristic sound which could be heard by the person standing at some distance. Child was also clearly showing bluish discolouration on his face. With cough Child was producing scanty white sputum. Doctor examined his chest through stethoscope and found no added sound. Doctor did thorough medical check up. He picked up features in his body such as characteristic force full breathing with no audible sound as child breathe in the air. His chest was noticed slightly expanded than normal. Percussion of chest with fingers revealed hyper resonant note. Due to this force ful breathing child also was looking exhausted and was confused. Doctor asked his assistant lady Doctor do kindly check and note down the vitals. Child was even not able to complete single sentence. Lady doctor gave her report of disturbed vitals such as high pulse rate with less breathing rate. Blood pressure was low. pH was acidic. Peak expiratory flow meter test showed less than 33% predicted. After having her properly checked up in quick time Both the Doctors diagnosed the child with severe life threatening episode of Asthma, they both were convinced as child was also presenting feeble respiratory effort. Lady doctor started taking that child past and present medical history while Doctor himself started his treatment. All the recommended medical tests sample were sent. His Chest X-ray was also done. Arterial blood gases showed slightly reduced partial pressure of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.
    During treatment Doctor helped the child to sit up properly and gave high dose oxygen via non breathing bag. He Nebulized the child with drugs and oxygen. Chest X ray showed no air in thoracic cavity. He gave steroid injection. Child was kept under strict supervision.
    Lady doctor was when finished up taking history from the parents gave report that this poor child is exposed to all kinds of risk factors as His father is a chain smoker while at his home there are carpets. His family lives near factory where there is a lot of pollution and dust as well. She further added that this is winter season and he is also allergic to dust and pollen. The child was recovering, this made those doctors felt good. On the other hand child condition was improving. They were monitoring him timely. The given drugs weaned down. Nebulization was switched to the drug inhaler. Steroids were stopped immediately.
    Doctor called for that child parents to inform them his good prognosis. He wanted to direct them for future in home management. Both the Doctors tried to explain the seriousness of this disease and also warned them of the consequences if those risk factors like smoking, dusty carpets, cold and allergies are not avoided. They reassured doctors that they will comply. When the emergency treatment was over prescription on discharge was handed over to the parents and they were asked also to come again to the clinic on a given date.
    Child was compliant with the prescription and showed good results on the next visit but when parents were inquired by the doctor about those risk factors that had to be avoided, he felt dejected and disappointed? He again told his father not to smoke in front of his child who promised for the future that he will care while his mother straightaway denied to remove the carpet and awkwardly replied that it was given as a Dowry to her on her wedding by her Parents. Listening to this the Doctor and His Assistant automatically developed bloody streaks on their face. Any ways child was asked to comply with the prescription if his Asthma ever aggravates.
    The father realized it but had not enough courage and will to abandon smoking but for the health of his child he quit smoking in front of his suffering child but her mother never removed nor let it be removed from the room. They had no servants and she although having the vacuum cleaner, never bothered to clean those dusty carpets in their rooms. From last few days she then started to have weird/soul searching dreams of wandering lone in a Hall with white silky curtains waving in cool breeze and Rays of bright smooth light pouring in from the windows on the walls. She also saw a shadow sneaking through the sides from back with a voice "You search Me". These dreams became frequent and on one night she became practically dizzy and saw that same smooth light coming out down the door of her child room. Even In this dizziness she managed to reach that door, opened it but fell down, went into the state of coma. It was in practical world but in mind she was having a visionary meeting with both the doctors in that same hall where she visualized him previously. Doctor was giving pleasant smiles sitting in front on the meeting table with his Assistant Lady Doctor, staring at her along with demons/facilitators sitting on the sides of table waving their Heads round and round making humming sounds as they were making some kind of a magical spells or what? As she moved further inside the hall she saw his child suffering, coughing up sputum, chocking on her carpet in a dreadful state. She kept wondering there without any action but when the child threw sputum on the carpet, she went mad at once and started scolding him, there and then. When the mother hurried towards him to stop him from ruining her carpet, ignoring her child medical condition? Young doctor immediately transformed in scarry Freddy with his both surgical/operational claws. Right claw with sharp cutting blades and left with electrodes giving heavy electric shocks. He went like a thunder bolt near to the mother and grabbed her throat with his right claw. Lady Doctor flew in a flash towards child to protect that innocent. Lady doctor with her surgical claw went near his mother and took out her tongue out of her opened mouth due strangulated by Dr. Freddy's right claw. Lady doctor took her tongue out and stretched it long enough to reach her child who was throwing out sputum. She spread the tongue in front of his sick son who threw all of his sticky filthy sputum on that over stretched tongue and after it was done Freddy stabbed his left claw with electrodes up her lower jaw into the muscles giving them electric stimulus to contract what brought her tongue, the tip of which had the topping of her child's sputum, back in her oral cavity. More electric shocks made his pharynx to engulf sputum while Freddy was squeezing her throat with his Right claw. She started Chocking due to that engulfed sputum which had entered her windpipe which was already squeezed from the out side. Her facial complexion went bad and Red. Freddy was yelling/Roaring at her and was informing her that her child suffers the same when asthma attacks take place. After this, Freddy for the last time asked if she is going to remove dusty carpet from her suffering child room. She could only nod in affirmation at that time and promised to comply. This made scarry Freddy automatically crucified high up against the wall by his own claws, leaving burnt over remains of ashes, fumes and smoke with a dying out voice "You Really found Me" while that Lady Doctor disappeared too.
    Practically she regained consciousness. She drank water and saw his sick son sleeping sound in his bed. She kissed him and on the next day she removed all the carpets in her home for the future well being of her son. Doctors were happy to hear this progress. His asthma attacks became so less frequent.

    Risk factors of the diseases that can cost lives must always be avoided.


    Respect this Blessing of Good Health. Live Healthy and let all live like ..

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