Astro Symposium: LFAC’s quarterly astrological gathering

Astro Symposium: LFAC’s quarterly astrological gathering
Event on 2017-08-06 12:00:00
Please join us for an enjoyable afternoon of good conversation and light refereshments at Astro Symposium, a convivial quarterly gathering with special presentations and discussions on astrological insights related to the themes of LFAC’s exhibits. Astro Symposium for August 6 is based on LFAC’s current exhibit Art: The Language of Healing which runs from 5/13 – 8/22/17. We will explore astrological factors related to healing. Our presenters are Joe Polise and Dawn Silver. We'll be looking at the attendees’ charts to see how the astrology of healing works for you. This event is for all who are interested in astrology and/or the theme (healing) and how astrology's ancient wisdom can help us understand our relationship to healing. It is helpful, but is not required, to have previous experience with astrology to attend this gathering. Joe Polise – The Primary Triad:  Sun, Moon, and Ascendant as chart symbols of health and wellness. Dawn Silver –  Healing Galen Style: The Four doctors of Astrology and how they can help you in your quest for better health! Joe Polise is professionally certified astrological consultant/ teacher who loves to share the practical value astrology has for our world. He builds community with other astrologers by serving as an NCGR-PAA examiner, Education Director for NI-NCGR, and VP of Chicago's Friends of Astrology. Nationally, Joe has taught for NCGR, ISAR, and UAC, SOTA conventions and many regional U.S. astrology groups. Dawn Silver is the author of the book and card deck Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle, a recipient of the Coalition of Visionary Retailers Award. Silver is a licensed Naprapath, receiving her Doctor of Naprapathy from CNCN in 1982. She is also a certified aromatherapist and a Mari-el practioner. Silver has studied with various crystal workers: Michael Smith, Dael Walker, Randall Baer, Carol Glover, Gary Fleck, and others noted experts. She has been classically taught in astrology since 1977 with the late spiritual astrologer Helen Francis Blue. She was privileged to work with the late spiritual leader, Sun Bear, founder of the Bear Tribe, who taught crystal healing during his Midwest spiritual retreats. Through this amazing experience, Silver evolved her work into The Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Series, which she teaches nationally and internationally. Art: The Language of Healing explores the incredible healing power of the arts. Visual, literary and performing arts help us perceive thoughts, feelings and energies below the surface of our conscious mind. The arts are an ancient and effective form of shifting energy and increasing physical, emotional, spiritual and social well being. If your spirit has been encouraged by a rousing song, if your body has felt energized by lively dancing, if you have released emotion by laughing or crying during a movie, been soothed by harmonious colors in artwork or gained insight about your own life through the story of characters in a novel, you know in your bones that art is the language of healing. / realy regsitration by August 1 LFAC has FREE PARKING in Central Savings bank parking lot.

at St. Paul Cultural Center
2215 West North Avenue &amp country=United%20States
Chicago, United States

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