Ataxia And Disability Tax Credit

Disability tax credit is provided to individuals in Canada, if they are suffering from disabilities. Canadian Disability Corporation helps these individuals to get their share of the benefit.

Ataxia is a kind of physical disability that is responsible for unsynchronized body movements. When people have this kind of disability they face certain initial problems like instability and awkwardness. Moreover, it can also cause other disabilities like speech problems, hearing problems and also vision problems. The loss of synchronized body movements and instability of various body parts can affect balance and restricts movements hugely. This kind of disability not only cause problems pertaining to sensory organs but also affects, legs, fingers and arms. It can be a result of any infection in the body or damage in the nervous system.

Ataxia can be both acquired and inherited and there can be numerous reasons behind its cause. In case of non-inherited Ataxia, the causes for its occurrence can be multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and even alcoholism. On the other hand, inherited Ataxia can be caused due to genetic abnormality. Moreover, there can be another reason of its cause, which is lack of Vitamin E consumption and excess intake of gluten. In case of inherited version of Ataxia, the cerebellum of a new born may not develop in the right way. There are various forms of Ataxia and the most common types are Friedrich’s Ataxia, Spinocerebellar Ataxia and Ataxia Telangiectasia.

The malady symptoms of Ataxia differ from one type to another type. But the problems that are faced initially such as instability and clumsiness may take place in the period between 4 years to 16 years, if there is an early onset of the disability. These early symptoms will eventually lead to a condition where a person affected with this disability can not walk properly and may lose the ability to see, talk and hear. This condition will further deteriorate with time if not treated properly. Some Ataxia affected individuals also face slow eye movement. The inability to move their body parts restricts them from performing common day to day tasks. People who have Friedrich’s Ataxia can face serious cardiac problems.

In instances of alcoholism, this disability might set in late and the disease symptoms might start to show up after 20 years of age in individuals. There is significant information about this kind of disability to show that it might manifest its symptoms even in the age of sixty. At first the symptoms are inability to move body parts, then slurring of speech and then problems in balancing and affected individuals walk in a weird manner, with their legs wide apart.

Canadian Disability Corporation offers services to enable individuals affected with disabilities, get disability tax credit. The Canadian Disability Corporation treats each case individually because each one is unique and different from the others. The experts go through various factors like impairment, symptoms and medication and after evaluating the case carefully, they help people in successfully getting their share of the disability tax credit through successful application.

At the CDC we carefully choose the most knowledgeable and personable team members to serve you and your family. We will do our best to claim the Disability Tax Credit and any other related credits for you or a family member with a disability.

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