Athleta Girl Fitness Camp w/ Brand Ambassador Shawnte!

Athleta Girl Fitness Camp w/ Brand Ambassador Shawnte!
Event on 2017-08-22 16:00:00
CALLING GIRLS OF ALL AGES! Athleta Santa Monica invites you to our first ever girls fitness camp led by one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, Shawnte Satinover! Shawnte will be leading you through a series of fun cardio, strength, and agility exercises for all levels! Class will meet at the Athleta Santa Monica store each day and Shawnte will lead the group to the workout location. Following class they will meet back at the store where girls can be picked up! Moms- you get a whole hour of shopping time!! All participants will receive an Athleta Girl goodie bag with refreshments and small gift after their workout! Each day participants names will be put into a raffle that will be pulled for a special prize on the last day!! Come as many days as you can becasue the more days you attend, the better your chances are of winning! We hope to see you there! #PowerofShe

at Athleta Santa Monica
1318 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, United States



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