Attempted selfie with a heavy dSLR

Attempted selfie with a heavy dSLR
Hand Wrist Pain
Outside the charming 'Old Town Goodies' ice cream store, I here is my first attempted selfie with a heavy Nikon D7000 dSLR, made even heavier with it's 18-140 lens. Well, it worked, though it was a pain in the wrist, the elbows, the upper arm and shoulder holding it in place and moving it back and forth to activate the typically skittish dSLR autofocus. As you know, dSLR cameras refuse to fire unless the subject is in sharp focus. I was to take several more dSLR selfies during this trip and also on my rounds around Toronto the next day, despite the physical pain in several places as I mentioned earlier! As I thimk back now, I wonder why? I did have a point and shoot camera on hand as well, on all those occasions! (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. Nov. 2015)



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