Audio Meditation Tips

Meditation is the primary means of cultivating the inner peace and happiness that we all long for. Inner peace and happiness are found to be resident parts of our inner nature when we are able to take away the barriers in our nervous system from the purifying influences of yoga practices.

Raja Yoga involves exact meditation techniques which lead to experiences of the truth and finally achieve liberation, described in Hindu thought as moksha. ( or liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

This involves listening to a prerecorded program that uses binaural technology to synchronize the brainwave frequencies of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It may sound like science fiction but this technology was actually discovered in 1839 although it wasn’t used for this purpose until after 1973.

Samyama is a deep meditation practice that takes advantage of our inner stillness (silence). The practice of Samyama develops in us a sense of “seeing stillness in action and action in stillness.” In this state, our desires become expressions of our inner silence and we can find fulfillment in actions and thoughts.

Observing time slow down to the point of questioning its existence is an experience only described through concepts and abstract meanings. It’s like taking a relaxing tube ride down the all knowing, always flowing stream of consciousness

Make sure that the meditation timers you are using are lightweight and easily portable. Sometimes you may plan to undertake the meditation session near a lake or some other place. Therefore, the timers must be quite handy so that you could easily carry it anywhere along with you.

Another method is to repeat the word ‘relax’ as you to sink deeper into a more profound, more peaceful, more magical meditative state. As you relax, simply repeat the word ‘relax’ to yourself over and over again. …Relax… Feel yourself becoming more deeply relaxed, every time you speak the word.

Now, imagine you are sitting on the green banks of a meandering stream on a bright sunny morning. I want you to take something that is on your mind, a concern, and place it in the river. Like a paper boat, see this issue float downstream and out of sight.

Sit or lie down in a quiet room by yourself for at least twenty minutes. Close your eyes and just sit. That’s it, just sit and try and let your thoughts pass by in your mind without acknowledging them. this can be difficult at first but it becomes much easier with practice and time.

When your mind is no longer preoccupied with self doubts, negative self talks and aggression, you are ready to take in the goodness of deep meditation. One tip I can give you during healing meditation is to focus on the positive. Instead of repeating silently “I won’t overeat today”, try “I crave healthy, fresh food that nourish my body and mind, I know I want a hot body and I can get it!”.

Once you have controlled your breathing, begin to focus your awareness on the here and now and forget about your worries, stress, and the world around you. Center yourself so that you can become completely absorbed into the meditation technique.

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