Australian Digital Hospitals Summit

Australian Digital Hospitals Summit
Event on 2017-06-21 09:00:00
Australian Hospitals have begun the digital transition with the QLD Government injecting .26 billion over 20 years to overhauling the health sector’s ICT strategy. The NSW Government last year allocated 0 million to support advances in technology in our hospitals. A move to a digital healthcare promises a higher quality of care by clinicians across the sector and ease of access to rich data to inform patient care delivery. Embracing digital services offers a way to reduce expenses, boost operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

Akolade’s National Digital Hospitals Summit provides attendees with leading national and international case studies demonstrating successful digital integration of systems and processes into facility design and implementation. The forum offers proven strategies to build your hospital’s capacity for innovation, improve your clinical efficiency through digital platforms and deliver innovative models of integrated care.


Build your hospital’s capacity for innovation
Improve your clinical efficiency through cutting-edge digital platforms
Collaborate with other health providers to deliver an integrated approach to patient care
Advance your HIMSS rating to optimise care outcomes
Improve your operational productivity by automating clinical and administrative processes.

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