** Authentic Improv Games (100% Beginner Friendly) **

** Authentic Improv Games (100% Beginner Friendly) **
Event on 2017-08-20 19:00:00
** Authentic Improv Games (100% Beginner Friendly) ** Sunday 20 Aug 7pm-10pm (Start Time: 7pm) [Doors close: 7.20!] Activities end 9.55 approx, followed by optional social space. [/ – Online Pre-Bookings] [No entry on the door without prior arrangement.] {Concession tickets must be purchased 48+hrs before event. There are only 8 of them and once they are gone they are gone} Basic Outline information is here below. For full information please check out the Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/195571390924507 THIS EVENT IN A FEW WORDS:Authentic Improv Games (as we offer them) are all about: * Fun, connection, creativity, learning, relating skills, and confidence building.* Exploring edges of expression with no performance-pressure.* Relaxed, non-rushed, and collaborative rather than competitive. * Small groups (typically 11-15) Want to know even more?? Here's our FAQ: WHAT ARE ‘IMPROV’ (OR 'IMPRO') GAMES? * Simple, non-pressured, non-performance, warm-up & low-complexity games from the broad field of Theatresports. * You may have seen shows like: ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ and 'Thank God You're Here', and said: “Holy heck, those people are so brave and talented!! I could never do that!”? * Luckily there is an ENORMOUS RANGE of far less complicated games and exercises too. Which, even tho they are way simpler and easier, are still also heaps of Improv fun! WHY IS IT CALLED 'AUTHENTIC' IMPROV GAMES? * We also include a whgle bunch of awesome stuff from the fields of Authentic Relating and Expressive Arts. (Again nothing super complex, but it's definitely an extension that makes this a unique blend of simple Improv and Authentic Relating.) * Authentic Relating is a huge field all it's own, and we choose and use only the simplest and most relaxed exercises to add to this event. The ones that support the flow and fun. WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS EVENT? * Improv at the simplest, non-professional, non-performance level. (No experience necessary.) * A fun, relaxed, and friendly, practice night. * Usually starts off with some Meisner Technique warm-ups and/or other exercises to drop us in and set the group space. * Enjoy yourself with others (typically 8-16 people), learn some confidence and skills in self-expression, and test your edges. * Coached and facilitated, not being thrown into the deep end. * No dialogue to know, no pressure to be verbally clever or funny, and no audience (apart from the others in the group). * A learning environment where it’s totally fine to mess-up, step-out, then join in again. I’VE NO EXPERIENCE IN IMPROV, BUT I’D REALLY LIKE TO GIVE IT A GO, WOULD THIS SUIT ME? * It absolutely could. The atmosphere is one of mutual support and inclusion. Not competition. * NO exercises are about poking fun at (slamming) other participants, nor having a cheap laugh at their expense. * We’re all in it together, with the idea that everyone walks away smiling at the end of the night. I HAVE EXPERIENCE. IS IT _ONLY_ FOR BEGINNERS? * No, we welcome a range of experience levels. * You just need to be able to play supportively with others of different levels of experience/confidence. (No full-on attention-seekers or grandstanders please.) * If you have done heaps of Improv and love the adrenalin of terror, we don't cultivate that side of things. However, several professional actors have attended these evenings and had a fantastic fun time (and come back more than once). WHAT'S THE AGE RANGE? * 21+. (18+ if you already have experience with acting or improv.) No upper limit, but you need to have reasonable basic health, fitness and mobility. (No acrobatics or weight-lifting, but some exercises can be active. Just due to the nature of this field.) Booking Conditions: No refunds are available. Under exceptional circumstances you may be able to transfer your payment to another date for this event (or a similar event we run).

at Brunswick East
Corner of Robert St and Stewart St
Brunswick, Australia



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