Autism Issues To Identy And Treat

Autism issues vary in number and severity depending on the person. This is a disorder the leaves a person lacking communication and relating skills, but it seems to have quite a broad range of effects. It seems like each case is completely unique in how much of an effect there is. Each person is born with specific skills and abilities, this leaves some children growing up to have amazing verbal skills, but still lacking in communication, while others can't speak a word. In general, most people are misinformed about what it really is to have autism and I'm going to present to you the unbiased version of it, with all the autism issues that you may find.

One of the big issues that autism presents is the repetitive behaviors and this type of behavior can show up in many forms. It is important to be able to pick up on this earlier, but you may notice, as the child gets older. I think the best place to determine this is while a child plays. Typical children play with toys the same way. For example, a toy car will be driven around on the ground. What you might find with an autistic child is that they don't want to drive it around. They're more interested in spinning the tires over and over again with their finger. As they get older and start developing some sort of verbal skills, you may find that they keep repeating themselves in a not so natural way. This is the repetitive issue that comes with the territory.

Another one of the autism issues is that of communication. There are many variances of this among sufferers that can really make it difficult to understand. You can find plenty of autistic adults that have perfect speaking skills, but if you get down to the basics of our human communications you'll see it. The big things humans pick up naturally are body language and tonality of speaking. A great example of a person with autism that speaks perfectly is sarcasm. An autistic person will just take the literal meaning of the word, rather than the intended meaning by the person speaking. The thing is that they miss that non-verbal communication. When someone is sarcastic, they make different types of body language and tonality to let people know that they're being sarcastic. This is where you can really see the lack of communication skills come out.

The autism issues of communication also cause problems with relating to others. The autistic people don't really have a desire to go out and socialize with others. They'd prefer to be alone and this can be quite a depressing thing. Often, you'll find that many of the autistic suffers actually are on some sort of anti-depressant because they get depressed.

These are the various issues presented by autism and as you can see they present some very difficult challenges that can be both stressful on the sufferer and the people in their lives. I hope this gives you a much better understanding of what makes up autism.

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