Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Wide Range Of Disorders

Autism spectrum disorder is basically a wide range of behavioral and developmental disorders that results from a combination of certain traits. The autism spectrum disorder will range from low functioning autism to high functioning autism to normal behavior and to possibly hyper socialization.

An autism spectrum disorder is considered to be a persuasive developmental disorder, which basically means that it interferes with a child’s normal developmental abilities such as communication and speech. Autism spectrum disorders are not specific developmental disorders such as dyslexia. It is important to note that many people who have this disorder usually end up living in dire poverty.

The Affected Areas Of Functioning

This disorder is considered to be both a psychological and a developmental disorder that affects many areas of functioning. These areas will include language, motor coordination, self-help skills, communication and scholastic achievements. With some individuals, the symptoms may be it immediately noticeable, while in others; the symptoms may not be noticeable at all when first meeting that individual.

Surprisingly, many people that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder lead very normal lives. In fact, many people with this disorder may lead a very normal life and are not noticed until later on in their adolescence or well into their adulthood lives. These disorders are usually diagnosed following a series of psychiatric tests.

Not Really Disabled After All

It is vital to let people know that people who were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are not “disabled”. What makes them different from every one else is their thought process. There are many different degrees of severity that no 2 people are really alike.

Individuals with and autism spectrum disorder may have a little challenge interacting with other normal children, as well as trend to keep up scholastically. In all depends on the severity. Some individuals with this disorder may not read as well or comprehend as fast Ward to as well on tests as other children. These same individuals may also have a challenge try to socialize successfully. The reason for this is due to the fact that their brains process and store information differently from normal children.

Learning is Key to Understanding

As parents and caregivers the best thing we can do is to educate ourselves about the various degrees of autism spectrum disorders. Other people in the individual’s life such as teachers, siblings and friends should also become involved in the learning process too. Some individuals have shown that with intense therapy and practice, they are able to ” fit in” and socialize normally with the outside world. By doing the best that we can to learn all that we can about this disorder, we become better equipped to help deal with those who have it. Admittedly, it does take a lot of patience as well as practice and guidance dealing with people with autism spectrum disorder. The good news is that some of these people with autism spectrum disorder can go on to live a normal and productive life and contribute to society.

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