Autism Treatments – Possible Treatments Available For Autism

Some people understand that they need to live with autism & tend to delve some knowledge on this disease in literature & find out possible treatments. Once they start off with their process of finding treatments, they will come to know that there is a plethora of autism treatments available. However, if you visit a professional, you will come to know that every child has different needs.

Here are some of the common treatments prescribed by the professionals for autism:

a) Speech therapy:

People suffering with autism suffer from inability to speak or converse in a particular language. Some people use poor speech while the others are unable to apply grammar. Speech therapy helps people come over this inability.

b) Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA):

This therapy is the oldest existing treatment for autism. This is also the most fully researched treatment that's specifically developed for Autism. It is an intensive system of reward based training. It emphasizes on providing certain specific skills.

c) Occupational therapy:

This therapy for autism emphasizes on developing skills for daily living. Most people with autism face delays in motor skills. This therapy can prove to be quite helpful. Some of the occupational therapists believe in providing training in sensory integration therapy. It is a type of technique that may help people with autism to manage hypersensitivity to light, touch & sound.

d) Physical therapy:

Autism can be defined as a pervasive developmental delay. Most people experience gross motor delays & some have low muscle tone. Physical therapy can actually work towards building up basic sports skills, strength & coordination.

e) Social skills therapy:

The main problem one faces due to autism is inability to communicate. Most children require assistance for developing skills to hold a conversation. Most children benefit from social skill therapy when it comes to develop peer-based social interaction.

f) Play therapy:

The therapy may sound strange. However, children with autism require special help in learning to play. Playing can serve as a tool for developing social, communication & speech skills.

g) Developmental therapies:

Developmental treatments include RDI or floor time, sun-rise & Relationship Development Intervention. This indicates that they start with a child's own interest & individual strengths. This therapy is used to teach specific skills like shoe tying, tooth brushing etc.

h) Behavior therapy:

Children with autism often feel frustrated. Behavior therapists often figure out the exact reason behind negative behaviors & try to improve their behavior.

i) Biomedical therapies:

These therapies include pharmaceuticals. Doctor providing these therapies prescribe special diets, alternative treatments & supplements.

j) Visually-Based therapies:

Most people with autism are thought to be visual thinkers. Some tend to do really well with picture-based communication system while others enjoy video games, video modeling & communication systems.

Apart from the above-mentioned therapies, some doctors & therapists use medications to treat autism symptoms such as severe tantrums, aggression & self injurious behavior.

However, one requires to practice patience. It would not be wise to expect overnight miracles. Living with autism is definitely not easy. Hence, it would be better to believe in the therapies provided & do exactly as directed by the professional.

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