Avoid Shaver Cuts With These Cool Shaving Steps

If you're a guy, you have probably shaved at least once in your lifetime. Shaving is something that we learn in our adolescent years when the hair in our faces start to come out. Unfortunately, not all of us have been taught the proper way of shaving, thus, the countless incidents of accidentally cutting ourselves with the razor blade. Having said that, here are shaving techniques that will surely save you from the dilemma of ever cutting yourself again.

Men who have sensitive skin are the ones who usually get cuts from razors while shaving. If you want to get rid of this problem, try using a wet razor instead of an electric one. While most electric shaves cannot be used together with shaving creams, they are also difficult to control unlike wet razors. Wet razors make shaving easier since they give you complete control not only with the direction you want to go but also with the pressure you want to apply.

Shaving creams as well come in two types, the alcohol based, and the non-alcohol based. Alcohol based shaving creams are not ideal to use since they leave the skin dry and tight. Go for the traditional type of shaving cream instead that do not contain alcohol. In addition, look for shaving creams made especially for sensitive skin.

Before you proceed with shaving, make sure that you ready your skin first by placing a hot towel on your face for three to five minutes. Doing this will help open your skin pores and soften the hair for easy shaving. This is also the reason why it is always better to shave right in the shower or after taking a bath.

The direction on which you shave with is also very essential. Most men do not understand this concept and just shave in whatever direction they wish to shave, thus resulting to cuts and bumps on the skin. When shaving the hair in your cheek, make sure you shave downwards, in the same way where the hair points. When shaving under the chin area, shave upwards because that's direction of hair growth.

The quality of blade you use is the number one factor you should consider if you don't want to get more razor cuts. Old and dull blades are more likely to cause cuts and skin bumps, so if you notice that your blades look rusty already, throw them immediately. A little bit of alcohol to clean the blades right after shaving is a good way to maintain the life of a razor blade.

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