Awaken the Goddess within – Workshop

Awaken the Goddess within – Workshop
Event on 2017-08-27 14:00:00
Awaken the Goddess within workshop 27 August 2pm to 6pm at Intuitive Flow yoga studio Ubud Entry fee 400K IDR No booking required! The word shakti means power.We as women are the shakti pure power, that’s our nature, yet many of us are holding back our innate inner strength and doubt our ability to step up into our full power and potential as goddess warriors.In this workshop we will connect with the different tantric Goddesses within to connect and evoke our inner goddess nature.We will uncover and explore the different Goddess energies through creative expressions like movement, dance & yoga as well as conscious breathing and mantra chanting. Join me for these 4 hrs. Goddess Journey withinLoveWanda Intuitive Flow Yoga studio  Address : Penestanan Kaja, Ubud, Bali email phone :  +62-361-977-824  About WandaWanda is one of the new yoga teachers from Intuitive Flow.The Yoga classes I offer are a blend of creative, mindful and loving sequences that are both playfully challenging and spiritually uplifting.What I share encompasses my passion for yoga with a sparkling joy of life and always from a space of the heart.I love to inspire people on their way of self knowledge and awareness with the hope of reinforce in them, their own authentic expression.How I came to find myself on the yoga mat is something that still inspires me. From an early age I was exposed to meditation and spirituality as I grew up in a very alternative family and I feel I have been guided down this path ever since. In 2008 I moved from Hamburg to Berlin and found a personal refuge and oasis at the Spirit Yoga Studio and my quest to go deeper began in earnest.In Germany I had trained as a professional musical actress and undertook studies in singing, acting and dancing. This had assisted in launching me onto the media stage and I found myself both in front of and behind the camera. One of my favourite passions is still as a photographer who can capture the essence of a story in a single image.These times were both testing and trying as what I was putting out was not returned to replenish the deeper craving I had. At times I exceeded my own limits of expectation and energy. I came to know all too well what it means to lose yourself in the external world.My journey from an external focus, to finding a more internal (and surprisingly larger) space was driven by a strong desire to find more depth to my existence and deal with the bigger questions of life.I partook in silent retreats, mediation seminars, Ayurvedic massage training in India and continued to dive into the teachings, philosophy and practice of yoga. Not only as a physical practice, but as a way to live a more sustainable life and become the best version of myself.

at Intuitive Flow yoga studio
Penestanan Kaja
Ubud, Indonesia

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