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    • avatar marmellatadimore77 1

      Ma sta gente non si guarda allo specchio????

      • avatar Kristjan Linadi 1

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        • avatar Lily Salvator 1

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          • avatar Mimi ToAngels 1

            Glove wipers. Can't stomach that!

            • avatar JD-maxxieMUM 2

              he aint gone have no face after this cuz she popin every single pore

              • avatar Mavie Wavie 2

                Watching someone poke at tiny things and leaving large ones is too annoying. I don't get it and I'm not watching anything from those channels anymore.

                • avatar Paula Green 1

                  From what I see of your work, I think you need to change more than a few of your comments. You try to tell us that to remove blackheads, it is EASY. How in the heck would you know? From what I am observing, you haven't taken the lessons to know if it is or isn't.

                  I gotta tell you that you have some pretty shoddy work. It is unsanitary, the pus on top of the gloves that hangs on the loose fitting things, just waiting to drop into the eyes of the next blackhead on the victim's face. I've never seen the likes as I see the Asian countries and how they perform this type of work. There comes a time when you have to face yourself in the mirror and start getting honest.

                  Either change the name of your program, or give it up to someone who truly does know what they are doing. Pathetic.

                  • avatar Roxann Jones 1


                    • avatar Elizabeth Gonzaga 1

                      Very good