Back Pain: Facts And Myths

There's much we don't commonly know about the back pain. For example: did you have any idea that only less than one percent of acute lower back pain is a result of an infection or any other serious condition? That's true and for those under 50, the rate is even lower. However, the back pain is the number one disability for everyone under age 45. In United States it is second only to a common cold in the list of top reasons for paying a visit to a healthcare provider.

"There is nothing wrong with you." That's a myth! Those who suffer chronic back pain have to suffer also from their doctors' inability to tell what's really wrong with the back pain. In reality, about 90% cases of back pain derive from a certain cause, like an infection or injury.

"No one dies from chronic back pain." Another dangerous myth. The constant pain along with resulting depression seriously increase a chance for suicide. That's not a theoretical chance: such things have already happened.

"Most back pain must be treated by a surgeon." Myth! The truth is just the opposite: less than 2% of patients with back pain are in real need of a surgical operation. However, due it´s popularity, back pain is the third top reason for an operation in the US.

"Only a few workers suffer back pain because of their job." Thant's untrue! Back pain is the top occupational hazard.

"Lie down and rest: this will help you fight the back pain." Quite the contrary. Unlike many people believe, lying in bed can actually slow down the recovery process. All healthcare providers recommend staying active in order to decrease the recovery time.

"Men suffer back pain more often than women." That's another myth! The only real difference considers disk disorders during middle age, this is truly much more common in case of men. Other back pain cases are distributed equally through men and women alike. When we talk about the race, however, low back pain rate is common among Caucasians. Other races, including African Americans are equally prone to back pains.

"When the patient´s pain description lacks some consistent pattern or regularity, it´s imagined/exaggerated and nothing to worry about." Myth! There are no two identical cases of back pain. The back pains can be caused by some many things that even a single attack should be enough to go to the doctor and learn what has happened.

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