Back Pain Relief – Who Should You Believe

Warning – these back pain relief statistics may cause you harm. You may need to sit down before reading these. Only 25% of those in pain now will be pain free in ONE WHOLE year. The rest of you will be worse or at best no different to you are now. That still applies even if you seek help or treatment!

Did you know that 47% of those reading this are in pain? That back pain is the second most common reason to see your doctor.

Yet you search the internet for that wonder cure. You know the one, the one that promises to rid you of your back pain in seconds. That everyone succeeds and you feel better in no time at all.

The question is, who can you trust? Is there one site or one technique that works perfectly for everyone? Who should you believe and who should you disbelieve?

You need to know some back pain relief facts first to help you understand what to look for and what to look out for.

Back Pain Fact #1

There is an 80-20 rule in health care. What it states is – 80 percent of people will get better no matter what you do. Why?

Your body is designed to heal – fact! Just like a cut hand. So if you get someone to do a particular exercise, use a product or anything at all, 80% of the people using it will improve. Because they were going to improve anyway.

The remainder (the 20%) won’t. They struggle to improve, may get some relief, but these are the people like you, that go on the search again to find help.

This rule applies to all health care, not just back pain.

Back Pain Fact #2

Back pain is a result of muscle and joint imbalance – true. You need to address both of these factors if you want long lasting back pain relief. If you don’t, you can guarantee you will become one of those 20% who don’t respond.

Why? The problems still remain. But don’t worry you can purchase another product and still fit the 80-20 rule. But until you remove the causes of your pain, your back pain will continue to worry you.

Back Pain Fact #3

The underlying factors that cause your back pain are – your daily stress levels, your general health levels, your postural stresses in your job, and your fitness levels. All these set you up to have back pain at some stage. This is why over 90% of adults suffer from back pain at some stage in your life.

Back Pain Fact #4

Who can you trust to help you in your time of need? Sounds tragic doesn’t it.

A person you can trust is someone who gives you their time free. Time to ask questions and be heard. Time to get answers to your questions without hype or hard sell. Advice on who to see if they can’t help and someone who can allay any fears you may have.

So my advice is this…

You need to ask questions, and get a reply. All sites that are there to help in the health areas, need to respond to your questions. If not move on, find one that will respond.

Getting a reply from any site is always the first step in seeking help.

Then you need to ask about their product, after sales support and any question you feel important. Your back pain relief should be a priority and you need expert and honest help. So just ask.

Dr Graeme Teague is a back pain expert of almost 20 years experience. Grab his free eBook, and discover the ‘true’ cause of your back pain.

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