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Lose weight for Back Pain Relief.

It is found that people who are overweight generally face back pain problems. Nearly 60% of people in America are categorized under the group of overweight because they have a body mass index of more than 25%. It is noticed that chronic back pain is common problem in people who are overweight. You may find it difficult to start an exercise program suddenly when you are already in pain. So here we are focusing on how to loose weight to obtain complete back pain relief.

One may wonder how overweight can cause back pain. The spine supports the entire body so when you are overweight it adds pressure to the spine to carry the extra weight which in turn results to back pain. Can you think how it would relief the spine if you shed out a few extra pounds! In this article we shall deal with weight loss to settle your back pain problems.

A person suffering from chronic pain will know that it takes long to get the situation in control like it happens in case of dieters. One must remember that chronic pain can be for lifetime but obesity does not have to be the same. When you lose weight you tend to look good and fit, it reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, heart problems, makes you more active, overall it makes you feel better physically and emotionally. So you will have back pain relief, if you loose some of those extra pounds.

Obesity causes back pain problems when unnecessary fat puts pressure on the spine. For example high heels sandals puts pressure on the knees and toes causing osteoarthritis similarly obesity causes wear out of joints before time. Back pain related to obesity occurs because of the undue stress excess fat places on the supportive spine. Just as high heeled shoes can cause knee osteoarthritis due to the weight of the body being placing too much pressure on the knees and toes, obesity causes strain to all the joints and wears them down before their time. The best way to achieve back pain relief is to get rid of those pounds yourself.

Back Pain Relief: Get Rid of your Back Pain for Good.

1/3rd of all American population is reported to have musculoskeletal pain which also causes fatigue and breathlessness. All this causes inactivity which in turn causes weight increase hence it is essential to get up to fitness. A five minute walk twice or thrice a day can cause a lot of benefit to health.

One should also decrease calorie intake. You can consult your doctor for extreme diet plans. Less risky diet plans include taking six small meals a day, exercise regularly, check thyroid to cancel any illness that can cause weight gain and last but not the least drink lots of water. If you follow a healthy lifestyle you can achieve back pain relief due to obesity. This will ensure you get permanent relief, cure your back pain and live a happy, joyful life.

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